Our Festival Style Guide

18 May 2016

Believe it or not, summer is almost here (we know, we see you rain). From Bestival on the Isle of Wight through to getting down in Somerset’s Glastonbury, there’s a look out there for everyone.

We took a look at our favourite styles that you need to be rocking when you’re knee dip in a field of mud, ya know?


Boots & trainers for the win

Yes, the glamourous life of sandals may look like it’s all that. But it’s not. It so is not. We’re opting for mini-ankle style Hunter rainboots and trainers this year, because muddy feet aren’t cute.


Dungarees on the rise

These babies are making a comeback! We love the shorts look like XXX.


Boho flower power chic never goes out of style

It’s a festival so you know it’s going to end up looking a little like a mix of Coachella and Burning Man, so you might as well join in.

These boho floral looks have us all **heart eye emojis**


Fedora and floppy hats forever!

Love it or hate it, these hat looks are a mainstay on the festival circuit. Just remember, try and keep it to one fedora per group okay?

We all know that what goes on at the festival stays at the festival, unless you’re a celeb or famed blogger in which case soz. So, when you make it back to Londontown get ready to recreate nights of xxx with us at Late Night London. The festival blues is nothing a couple of XXX can’t fix right up. 

The Editor

The Editors