Football's Coming Home

7 June 2016

If there is a sport that the Brits are good at it is football

And being Late Night London we knew that we would be letting our fellow Londoners down if we didn’t do something incredible to celebrate that little (and when we say little what we really mean is HUGE) football tournament that kicks off this Friday! 

So without further a due, we would like to present to you the Heineken Experience. 

Late Night London has teamed up with Heineken to create two football viewing paradises.  Gone are the days of watching the football in your local pub on a screen from 1995, welcome the ultimate viewing experience. 

In the west end Tiger Tiger’s cloud lounge has been transformed with comfy sofa’s, massive beanbags and screens that surround the room so you don’t miss a minute. We know, we know, those features alone don’t make an experience… so how about fridges jam packed with bottles of Heineken, pour your own draft Heineken points and foosball tables to keep that competitiveness going at half time and after the match! 


Over in the city, Amber Bar has transformed two of its rooms. Lets start with Milk bar,  just like Tiger Tiger it is completely kitted out with sofa’s large screens, bottled and pour your own Heineken and foosball. However Amber also have a ping pong table as a cheeky little bonus. 

Talking of table tennis. The second room, now named The Box is a great place to get 25 of your mates together and have your own Euro viewing experience. This room has a ping pong table, pour your own pint as well as a fully stocked fridge, and of course, big screens and comfy seating. What more could you want? 

The Editor

The Editors