It’s underway and so is the #keepitupchallenge

17 June 2016

It’s on its way to be the next #nomakeupselfie or #icebucketchallenge

Luckily this time you don’t need pour freezing water over yourself or expose your naked make-up-less face to the world!  All you need to do is KEEP IT UP… and for all you dirty minded individuals… not like THAT!

The #keepitupchallenge is all about how many keepie uppies you can do. This challenge is great, because you can either show off your incredible skills, or just look like a bit of a plum and have a laugh with it! The challenge is spreading like wildfire round London and all of us Late Night Londoners have certainly given it our best go!

Late Night London love it so much that if there are 20,000 #keepitchallenge hastags knocking around we will donate £5,000 to Soccer Aid. So what are you waiting for keep it up and challenge your friends, family, frenemy’s to get involved to! 

The Editor

The Editors