Halloween London events

How to Spend Halloween in London

It's that time of year again where we start getting the chills. Chills of excitement, curiosity, and perhaps even a bit of mischievous delight in there too.

For what is October, without our favourite spooky holiday, Halloween!

Halloween in London is indeed a spectacular thing to behold. From mysterious shows and twisted themed venues to a demand to bring out our naughty side, Halloween is certainly a time to experiment. Spend Halloween with us and get ready to embrace the crazy, the unpredictable and the downright strange. 

It's time to grab your torches and pitchforks...here are the best ways to spend Halloween in London this year.

Transylvania Agenda

Hope along to Monument's Agenda Bar and step into our Transylvanian nightmare, where we're 'vamping' up the fear factor (we're sorry). The entire interior of Agenda will be transformed to look like its come right out of a Bram Stoker novel, with prizes going for the best-dressed vampire.

As well as the usual Happy Hour, there'll be a free ghoulish cocktail for groups of 6 or more. If you want to take horror back to its roots, this is the place for you.

Nightmare on Broad St

If you fancy yourself in a fairytale gone bad, then Babble City's Nightmare on Broad St can provide. Get ready for the ball with our onsite Make Up Artist, on hand to help you look as beautiful gruesome as possible. Be granted your very own pumpkin in the form of our Pumpkin Sharer cocktail. And find out if your story ends happily or tragically when you make a table reservation, as we'll end your night with a special late night 'Trick or Treat' surprise. What will yours be...?

Freaky Friday

At Core Bar, things are getting freaky. Join us at the Freak Show where our circus performers will be keeping you entertained...as well as giving you sights to behold you wouldn't find in your wildest dreams. There'll also be a tirade of spooky Halloween-themed cocktails with our current favourite spirit, Bacardi Rum. Why not head down here and try them all for £20??

Nightmare on Cornhill

Cornhill's Forge is taking things up a notch, showing us just what happens when a night at the opera goes awry. Throughout this evening the bar will be filled with Black Swan-style ballet dancers, looking beautifully haunted whilst our 'Tower of Death' provides plenty of complimentary blood...we mean champagne.

Book yourself a table and make use of our Deadly Intentions offer - a £500 drinks package for £250! You might say its an offer to die for...

Scarlet's Twisted Circus

Unleash your inner ten year old and head to the circus at Covent Garden's Scarlet's. Besides ground-level performers and live entertainment, you'll be kept occupied with enough candy floss, popcorn and creepy cocktails to last you till dawn.

Book one our bespoke packages for you and your fellow freaks and get ready to fill your boots. A night at the circus never was so twisted...

Carnival of the Dead

What would the scariest night of the year be, without London's favourite madhouse? Piccadilly Institute will be joining in the celebrations with its very own Carnival for the Dead, where its already bizarre and boggling rooms take an extra turn for the worst.

Tread carefully and steer clear of the evil clowns and mad magicians you'll find wandering the halls of the Chamber, Shrink room and the Clinic. Just when we thought things couldn't get crazier...PI went and proved us wrong.

Spend Halloween with Us

We've got some incredible treats and exciting going-on at all of our venues this Halloween. Wherever you choose to spend yours, you can look forward to:

- The usual Happy Hour drink offers

- Plenty of prizes to be won for Best Fancy Dress, as well as other giveaways

- Freebies for turning up in fancy dress, such as queue jumps and free entry (one of our favourite Soho clubs Bar Soho will be giving syringe shots and free entry to the first 50 guests in fancy dress!)

- Live performers and entertainment

- Fully themed decor

- DJs till 3am

- Themed table packages and discounts when you book in advance

- Exclusive, one-off cocktails and dishes

Think you can handle it? Grab your costume and join us from the 27th October, for an incredible London Halloween party! See you there...

The Editor

The Editors