Last Of The Summer Wine

31 August 2017

So ‘summer’ is drawing to a close, with kids going back to school next week and X Factor starting this weekend, you know those dark winter nights are en route.

In good news you will soon be able to start a night out after sunset and the worry of blinding someone by the sun reflecting off your highlighter will be no more.

But while there is still sun, well kinda, we are still going to make the most of summer drinking, even if it means whacking a parker jacket and beanie on, it’s still imperative we remain ridiculously British and make the most of beer gardens and roof tops.

To make you’re decision easier here are a couple of cheeky outside drinking spaces in central to make the most of the last days of summer with a cocktail a sneaky cig.

Core Bar

The Sterling

Ruby Blue

Babble City

Balls Brothers Shoe Lane 

The Editor

The Editors