Rugby Pt 2: How to survive watching it

16 February 2017

Now is the time to come together with friends and support your country. For some this is easier said than done, so here’s your 2017 survival guide!

Each year at around this time London gets excited about watching men run around a pitch throwing a ball, or, as its commonly called - the rugby. People gather in pubs, bars and living rooms alike to support their country. There are those who used to play the sport themselves, and those who think they’re still pros, shouting at the TV “I thought this was supposed to be world class rugby, that was rubbish!”. 

And then there are the newcomers to the sport. The clueless, and the downright disinterested, there because “so and so made me come, plus there’s free beer.” If you fall into the latter of these categories, you may find this rather useful!

Which rugby: Now, most of you may know this already, but the game played in the 6 Nations is rugby union, which is different to rugby league. In union, a try is worth five points and in league it is worth four. In rugby union, once a try is scored, the same team has an opportunity to score a further two points by kicking a conversion. Got it so far? Phew. 

What to drink: If you want to fit in, you can’t go wrong with a pint of Guinness (especially if Ireland is playing of course!) If you don’t care about fitting in and just need to get through the game, then of course we’d suggest a double of something strong! 

What to wear: If you don’t support a team, just wear something casual and comfortable. Nothing says “didn’t get the memo” like a mini skirt and heels. If you do support a team, feel free to wear some merch, because even if you don’t know anything about the game, it’s all about the enthusiasm – “Yay go you guys, keep kicking it and putting it over that line!” (we think).

How not to celebrate: Everyone hates a bad winner. Don’t gloat if your mates are supporting the opposing team, don’t dance up and down pointing at them, no matter how tempting it might be, especially if you don’t understand the rules in the first place. It may turn out that although you won that particular game, you’re sitting at the bottom in the overall tournament – awkward! Check your facts people!

The Editor

The Editors