The Rugby Pt 3: Look like a pro

23 February 2017

Our handy guide will help you learn all the lingo (well, some of it) and fit right in!

The prospect of watching a rugby game can be daunting when you think your lack of knowledge will be blatantly apparent to friends. Although your pals are probably happy just to have you there (as long as you don’t ask too many questions!) this guide shares useful phrases with you to make you sound like you know what’s going on!

“Come on” and variations, (e.g. come on ref - say this when your fellow supporters or your team on screen look peeved off after a call.)

“Hands like feet” - when a player drops an easy pass.


Shout “what was that for?!” after any penalty awarded against you at the scrum time, and keep completely silent if the ref awards your team a scrum penalty (just go with it).

Top tip – we recommend knowing all the words to your national anthem if nothing else, because then you can belt it out at the beginning of the game. So while your knowledge of the game may be questionable, your dedicated support won’t be!

So now you are a rugby aficionado…of sorts...comprende?