For the love of London!

7 February 2017

You cannot escape it, February is a month known for spreading the love. Here's 10 reasons why London gets our hearts racing.

  1. Blue skies –They may be few and far between, but when London turns it on, it really turns it on! There are so many things to do when the sun is shining. Maybe a walk in a park, or a pub lunch by the Thames? How about a pint in one of our great beer gardens?
  2. London Events - There are so many amazing things going on in London, there’s always something for every occasion! Whether it be Chinese new year, a birthday, or Valentine’s day, London has the perfect little hideaway or big night out for you.
  3. London Zoo - A walk around London zoo is a fun thing to do with your significant other (as long as they don’t point at the animals and say “hey, that one looks like you!”). The Zoological Society of London (or ZSL to you and me) is a charity devoted to the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats, so London really is the city of love, for people and animals alike!
  4. Architecture, history and culture - St Paul’s Cathedral is a beautiful building in the heart of the city. With lovely walks around and amazing history to explore within, once you’ve worked up your appetite, you can pop in for a bite to eat at Balls Brothers Shoe Lane.
  5. Southbank – A great place to feel at the heart of it all! You can check out the London Eye, the Aquarium and have a great view of the city landscape.
  6. Party party – London is great for a night out. Whether your friend has found a quirky bar they love, or you want to go for a fun night out with cheesy classics, London really does have it all.
  7. Shopping – With so many great shopping spots in London, you can avoid Oxford Street and find quieter markets and back streets with unique shops, such as Portobello Road or Brick Lane’s vintage shops.
  8. Food markets – You might think the city is miles away from open farmlands, but dotted around London are fresh food markets for all your veggie, fruit and floral needs. Borough market and Alexandria Palace are two of our favourites!
  9. Access – Now this may be debatable given the recent tube strikes, but London has several great transport options linking us to some amazing locations. You can have a day at Brighton pier, head down to Devon or have a little holiday in Paris, the city of love! London truly is a hub of travel and culture.
  10. Galleries - Not every aspect of London life is expensive, you can do it on the cheap. After all, they say the best things in life are free! The National Gallery and National Portrait gallery are both free (with some paid exhibitions if you wish to see these), and once you are cultured out, you can wander over to Jewel Piccadilly to reflect on your favourite artworks over a cocktail or two!

The Editor

The Editors