What to drank this summer

21 July 2017

Let’s set the scene, you wake up on a Saturday, the sun is out and you’ve received a million WhatsApp’s from your mates attempting to make pub plans for the day.

After several heated debates and one of your mates being kicked out the group and re added to the group you finally have a plan.

Then the question of what are you going to drink crops up, now we are not being dramatic, but it truly is one of life’s most difficult questions what summer drink is the best. There are so many factors that need to be taken into consideration, like are you drinking all day, is it refreshing, will it make a good photo for Instagram. You know all the important things in life. So to help you out, we have ‘researched’ the best summer drinks and why?!

Pimm’s . Wimbledon may be over, but as the makers say themselves, it’s pretty much never not Pimms O’clock.

Cider. The gift that just keeps giving, it’s refreshing, you get the option of loads of different flavours and it’s a long drink, which will last you quite a while, meaning longer periods between queuing up at the bar.

Aperol Spritz. An absolute banger of a drink, also a really good one for the ‘gram (Instagram that is).

Mojito: The humble mojito is often overlooked as a summery beverage, but when you throw different flavoured mojito’s into the mix it’s a different story!  Our fav is Watermelon

Frose. Yes it’s a thing, and yes it’s great. It is basically frozen Rose with a bit of lemon and sugar. Basically a slushy for adults incredible

The Editor

The Editors