9 things that happen when you go home for Easter

17 March 2017

Leaving London for any stretch of time doesn't get our vote, but a lot of us brave a journey home for Easter

We’re Londoners through and through, but when it comes to the holidays, we end up on trains, planes and automobiles back to our hometowns. Braving time away from London means catching up with your Great Aunt Carol who voted for Brexit and running into your ex that works down at the local pub. Ew.

1. Avoiding your old friends

You love them, but after living in London you kind of find their conversations always revolve around what happened at the local last week and who kissed who’s boyfriend. Yawn.

2. Chocolate weight gain is REAL

Your mum bought you approximately 1,000 Easter chocolates because you’re finally home to celebrate and she went a little haywire. You eat them all in 15 minutes and spend the rest of the day watching reruns of Hollyoaks and Made in Chelsea while deciding if you’re going to vom or not going to vom.

3. Fighting with the family

They are the best and being home is incredible but you always find yourself reverting to when you were 15. Mum I’ll be home when I’m home OK. No, you don’t have to wait up. Oh My. God.

4. Pretending you’re busy

Hey, it’s OK to pretend you have plans to avoid other plans. We all do this. It mostly involves deciding to take a nap and order a pizza. Time off is the best, isn’t it?

5. The drinks

You’re home which means there’s an endless flow of Prosecco, wine and beer that you haven’t paid for and are definitely going to utilise. You are drunk for 75% of the time you’re home. What do you mean you’re not adding Bailey’s to your breakfast coffees? Just us?

6. The questions

Without a doubt, you will be faced with the scrutiny from other relatives. Are you dating anyone? No. How’s your job? Horrendous. Do you like where you live? You live in an actual shoebox and rent increases next month. This is also why you are drunk for 75% of your time at home.

7. The food

As if chocolates weren’t enough to make you feel like you are slowing blowing up like Violet Beauregarde in The Chocolate Factory, it’s all about the food. Every night is like a roast dinner. And you might as well enjoy it while you have a fridge full of FREE FOOD.

8. You always need a ride

There’s no car ready for you so you can’t even drive yourself down to the local Tesco to pick up the essentials (hangover food). Where’s the good old TFL when you need it?

9. You skip it all

F*ck it. Leaving London is like leaving the hub of the world. Rally your pals and celebrate Friends style, except with plenty of rounds of cocktails. From Forge in the city through to Scarlet’s in the West End, there’s something for everyone and the bonus? It’s right on your doorstep. You can always visit your Great Aunt Carol next year. 

The Editor

The Editors