All That Glitters Is Gold

18 May 2017

WTF am I going to wear? A phrase often said when a festival is looming.

No space is off limits this summer; you need to think about all aspects of your body. Whether you’re big, small, male or female – who really cares – just decorate it!

This summer, like the summers before, is all about sparkle! If you can see it, you can decorate it.  Here are our top 5 glitter looks for the summer

Glitter partings are giving us life! They work for every occasion from festivals to night’s outs, pool parties to going to supermarket – you know whatever!

The classic jewelled face can make a day to day make up look elevate to a festival and Instagram worthy face!

The waterfall glitter look – this is where the glitter from you face effortlessly graces your shoulders and chest. We say its effortless, that may have been a slight exaggeration, we are pretty sure it takes a lot of effort, but it looks amazing, so totally worth it! 

Moving down from the shoulders and chest, you have the wonderfully named glitter boobs or disco tits!

Finally as we alluded to glitter is not restricted to women, we are loving glitter body art on men! This is one straight from the pool parties at Coachella! Incredible right?!

The Editor

The Editors