DIY Bar Tenders

10 May 2017

Bar tenders always come across as really quite cool. They fling bottles around without breaking them, they have the chat and make you feel like you are the most important person in the room and they give you booze.

I mean we won’t bore you with the other reasons why we swoon over a good bar tender, but there are loads.

Then there’s everyone’s favourite - the DIY bar tender. This basically includes everyone else that often frequent bars, but hasn’t actually ever worked in one and holds cocktail parties at home. We salute you fellow DIY bar tenders, you are the instigator of the pre-drinks, the pioneer of the house party and the saviour of dull Friday nights!

Here are the 5 greatest attributes of a DIY bar tender:

  • Bending the Rules: Normal bar tenders have to go through intense training to learn how to free pour (i.e put spirits in a little measuring device). However, the DIY bar tenders are not shackled by the need to be trained, your house, your rules, right?! The cocktail of the DIY bar tender is often, shall we say, stronger and potentially more lethal that you’re usual.

  • Not afraid to experiment: The house of a DIY bar tender normally contains odd spirits that were used once for a cocktail they thought would be good (please note the word ‘thought’). These ominous spirits are then used in late night drinking games, such as dirty pint or I have never. Again, lethal!

  • Creative Licence: There are no drink vessel restrictions – think a peach Bellini should be served in a Champagne glass? Think again. When you have 15 friends over for a cocktail party and live in a 1 bedroom flat in zone 2, a measuring jug will do you just fine.  

  • Signature cocktails you love: Everyone’s got their own speciality, in our parent’s time, it was a slow comfortable screw against the wall or a tequila sunrise. These days its more likely to be a porn star martini or just a very good G&T.

  • Love to party (just as much as we do): On a night out they are very often the first ones at the bar and the last ones to leave the bar!

DIY bar tenders you are amazing!

Late Night London is on the hunt for the next Simon Cowell of the bar tending scene. Our bar tender of the year competition is in full swing, and the final so close we can almost taste the amazing cocktails being created at the very moment. We have industry experts and drink brand owners on our panel so far, but what we need now is you, the good old do it yourself-er. Could you be our final judge for the Bar Tender of the year final in July? Find out more about how you can get involved

The Editor

The Editors