Festival Dos and Donts

17 May 2017

Your must have guide to how to survive the Festival season 2017

So you were one of the lucky ones who were rewarded with festival tickets after a nail-biting half hour refreshing ticket sites constantly and you’re all set to grab your (Hunter) wellies and get stuck in. We salute you!

Before you head out the door, make sure you check out our Festival 2017 do’s and don’ts so you’re fully prepared for what lies ahead because – let’s be honest – no one wants to be freezing, dirty and cold while standing in a puddle at the very back of the crowd.

Do: Pack properly

This is especially important for places like Glastonbury – if you think you can survive on 1 change of underwear and a smile – think again. You may have bought the cutest playsuit and accessorised it perfectly – but if you’re caught in a thunderstorm all of that will be – quite literally – washed away. You have been warned!

Don’t: Forget your way home

You’ve pitched a tent (booked a hotel – we understand) and you’re off enjoying yourself. Fab. The last thing you need is to lose where your living for the next few days. The thought of accidentally falling into some strangers tent at 3am may be funny now – but when you’re crying to your new best friend Ross why you can’t find your way home whilst drinking his last beer, it may not be so funny.

Do: Make new festival friends

There is no reason why you and ‘Accidental Tent Ross’ can’t get on (after the living mishap is cleared up). Festivals are a great place to meet loads of amazing people. Get chatting about who’s playing or strike up a conversation in the 3 hour burger queue you’ve now committed to. You never know what could happen!

Don’t: Be take person with the massive camera

This is important for a number of reasons, the most obvious that you don’t need a misplaced (stolen) camera to ruin your trip. But also, you don’t enjoy a festival as it should be enjoyed through a lens. Put the camera away, get those early day festival selfies taken on your phone and go enjoy it!

Do: Embrace trends

Festivals are one of the best places to try out new trends and to be a little ‘out there’ with your fashion. In Your Dreams is a great starting place for all your face and body paint and glitter needs.

Got any additional tips for future festival goers? Let us know!

The Editor

The Editors