Grab Christmas By The Balls

12 September 2017

Ok we know Christmas isn’t for another 3 months, however it is the magical time of the year, and you wanna make it special.

Therefore it is imperative that Christmas is planned down to a T. Now lucky for you (and us) the team at Balls Brothers know how to do Christmas properly, so you (and us) don’t have to worry about ballsing it up (terrible pun we know).

You may think that a Christmas party just consist of a turkey dinner, a couple of horrid paper hats, some nail clippers you get in a cracker that wouldn’t cut through water and sherry (seriously can we get over the Christmas and sherry combo now), well you’d be wrong. We mean, those aspects will deffo play a part, as what is Christmas without them, but there is soo much more to Christmas at Balls Brothers.

As Brits we love an excuse to get a bit boozy (especially at Christmas), and isn’t a Whiskey or Gin masterclass the perfect excuse? You can learn about the spirits and enhance your already vast knowledge of, well basically drinking. Adding a masterclass to your Christmas celebrations makes concerns of awkward conversations with people you only really hangout once a year a distant memory.

If gin or whisky isn’t your tipple of choice, or you just out right hate them, Balls Brothers also offer wine tasting and let us assure you, the teams know their wines. Who doesn’t like wine right? Oh yeah that’s right… a lot of people!

So if wine isn’t your bag then how about a cocktail masterclass? What says Christmas more than learning how to make a cocktail? Ok we know a lot of things say Christmas more, but are they as fun? Probably not.

And if all else fails, they serve beer. Job done.

Enough of banging on about the drink options, let’s talk about looks, a venue isn’t like a book, you deffo should judge it by its cover.  The Balls Brothers brand is a twist on traditional Brittan, so you get the good British catering, but in a light, modern comfortable environment, which means you’ll find yourself sinking back drinks late into the night without even noticing the time. 

What we're ultimately saying is give a Brother a go, check out what they have to offer Christmas 2017 HERE

The Editor

The Editors