Pizza for Days

7 September 2017

The nation is Pizza obsessed!

With Pizza joints popping up all over the place we thought we would go on a pizza voyage to find the best and most cost effective Pizza’s in Covent Garden!

Disclaimer: We wouldn’t advise eating 5 pizza’s in a row!

Pizza Pilgrims was the first stop and first things first the team were lovely! The pizza it’s self was good, the cheese was banging, however if you don’t like a strong cheese, just be mindful of your choice of pizza. One pizza came to £8.50 so not a bad deal, but not the cheapest.

Franco Manca was the next stop. The brand is pretty cool, the pizza however was not, we found the taste and toppings a bit underwhelming, the only saving grace was the dough was good. £7.35 for one pizza is not a bad price though, let’s face it.

3rd stop was Homeslice in Neals Yard. First things first Neals Yard is beautiful so worth a visit even if you’re not going for the pizza. However the pizza was spot on, so if you’re going, we would suggest getting a pizza!  The pizza’s are cooked in a proper food fired oven. The base is thin and the toppings are imaginative, in fact we were overwhelmed with the toppings. A slice (which is big but thin!) is only £4 bargain!

Off to NY Fold next, a New York inspired venue. The layout was pretty cool and there's unlimited refills on soft drinks, you can’t complain about that can ya!  Pizza was good, super cheesy, we would suggest getting the right toppings to cut through all that cheese, like a red onion or something of that elk. What was impressive was the base remained crispy despite all the cheese, Mary Berry would have been buzzing. A slice is £4 or you can get 2 for £7.50, not a bad price at all.

Finally, we dropped by Foundation as a little birdy told us their Pizzas are only £3 in Happy Hour. That’s correct a whole pizza for £3, and do you what, it was d-lishous, crispy base & right amount of cheese. What makes this pizza even better is you can wash it down with all the cocktails, like their cocktail range is redic. 

The Editor

The Editors