No matter what people say, celebrating your 18th birthday is huge. As well as being of legal age to hang out in a club and sip on a few cocktails, you're also eligible to do all kinds of other cool stuff. Let's face it - once you're 18 you can:

1. Place a bet (gambling responsibly, of course)
2. Smoke a cigar
3. Register to vote
4. Run for Parliament
5. Get a tattoo
6. Get married without permission
7. Play the lottery
8. Rent your own apartment/house
9. Complain about the youth of today
10. Sky dive
11. Bungee jump
12. Change your name
13. Open your own bank account

If these aren't good reasons to celebrate, we don't know what is.

18th Birthday Party in London

If you're lucky enough to be turning 18 in London, we've got a whole host of surprises. Thanks to the versatility of our bars, you can  you can celebrate your 18th birthday any way you like, and we're also happy to help with fun birthday party ideas to make your 18th birthday truly unique.

Birthday Party Packages

Our party planners can give you plenty of 18th birthday themes to get you into the party spirit - from delicious menus and impressive decor to brilliant music and drinks. We can help plan your birthday party right down to the very last detail, so all you need to bring is the people.

Private Dining

Take your party private and enjoy an intimate 18th birthday dining experience. One of our most popular party ideas, it's a nice way to spend time with family and friends and family in a cosy, exclusive environment. Celebrate your way and go private with those most important to you, in one of our superb dining rooms.

Cocktail Masterclass

Perfect for groups, our cocktail masterclass is a memorable way to celebrate your 18th birthday. (As far as surprise ideas go, it's one of our favourites!)
Unique, fun and entertaining, it's everything your birthday party should be. Our expert bar tenders will show you how to mix and shake like a pro, and what’s more, you get to taste your creations as you go. Perfection!

We're here to help!

If you need help finding the perfect venue to suit your requirements, our team of planners are here to help.