Turning 30 doesn't just have to be the end of your 20s. We believe it's the beginning of something great.

Best Things About Turning 30

1. You've paid your dues and have recently started to notice it's paying off.
2. You've narrowed your social group down to the people who REALLY matter.
3. You're much less easily embarrassed and care less about what people think.
4. You don't sweat the small stuff.
5. You generally have more money than when you were 20 (even though it may not feel like it).
6. Increased body confidence. Yay!
7. You appreciate life more.
8. You've started to live the life YOU want, and don't plan on apologising to anybody.

Grab some fun 30th birthday celebration ideas from Late Night London and get ready to say hello to a brand new era!

30th Birthday Party in London

With a variety of venues situated across the centre of the capital, our London parties will have you embracing your big day and waving goodbye to your 20-something inhibitions. Take a look at our ideas below and get ready to kick-start your 30th birthday party.

Nostalgia Trip

Spend your 30th indulging in times gone by and take a full-on nostalgia trip. If you're planning a party for someone special, this is without doubt the way to go.) Check out our top three tips on how to turn up the nostalgia, whilst you sit back and enjoy the VIP treatment at Core and Carey Lane

Top 3 Tips for Nostalgia

1. Dig out those childhood photos – you were so cute as a baby. Get them out and embarrass yourself (if you're throwing a party for a mate, be sure to do some digging.)
2. Unearth those yearbooks - your school days are a great place to see how far you’ve come!
3. Request old school songs - there's nothing like hearing the soundtrack of your last school dance.

The Big Kid Party

30? More like 13. 

This 30th birthday 13-going-on-30 party idea is great if you’re still not ready to let go of your childhood days. Go full kid mode in Amber's Groovy Wonderland and stomp out those moves like it's your school disco. Or sit at a table of Lego and drink cocktails from milk bottles over at Foundation

Wherever you spend your night, our Big Kid party is certainly one of the more unique 30th birthday ideas.

Top 3 Tips for Big Kids

1. Penny Sweets and tuck shop treats – who doesn't love pick 'n' mix?!
2. Opt for our private dining and play out a few party games with family and friends.
3. Subtle fancy dress – think pig-tails, Mary-Janes and geeky glasses.

Sophisticated Socialite

If all of that sounds a bit too childish, then act your age and opt for a suitably sophisticated 30th birthday party. Since being 30 means being an adult, why not roll up your sleeves and learn a new skill with our cocktail masterclass! Surround yourself with opulent interiors and fine dining at Mabel's Covent Garden, or go flirty and feminine at Grace

Wherever you choose to be wined and dined, we'll make sure its one of the best ways to spend your 30th birthday. Being a sophisticated socialite never felt so fabulous.

Top 3 Tips For Sophistication

1. White theme. If it’s good enough for the celebrity elite, it’s good enough for you.
2. Opera glasses (it’s kitsch; it’s fun; it’s your 30th.)
3. Women’s only cocktails, please (Cosmos taste better at 30. Carrie was right.)

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