40th Birthday Party

So you're about to celebrate your 40th birthday? Fabulous! Here at LNL, we believe 40 is the new 30; that life is only just getting started, and that it's all fun and games from here. 

In case you don't believe us, here are some of our favourite reasons to celebrate this golden age:

1. You've finally learned how to tame your inner critic.
2. You're way more confident than you were in your 20s.
3. You know what you want, and aren't afraid to ask for it.
4. You surround yourself with people who energise you and no longer have to deal with toxic people.
5. You put up with much less drama these days, which suits you fine.
6. You've finally found your niche in life, and enjoy being damn good at it.
7. You're so much more resilient these days - the big things aren't little things anymore.
8. You take better care of your body now, and look even hotter than you did at 30.
9. You overcome some big challenges and appreciate life so much better now.

Your 40th birthday is a perfect excuse to get together with friends and family and let loose for one night. Leave the planning to us and choose from any of our 39 across London in which to host your big soiree. We've got a number of uniquely themed Late Night London venues and a whole host of 40th birthday party ideas to help you have the party you deserve. 

Banqueting Birthday

For avid foodies out there, your 40th birthday simply has to include a delicious meal and delectable cocktails. What better way to mark another milestone than with a luxurious lunch or dinner with friends, family or a partner? Enjoy a lavish lunch at The Abbey or gather friends for an evening meal at Balls Brothers' Carey Lane. For incomparable fine dining, a trip to Gow's Fish Restaurant & Oyster Bar is a must.

Whatever you fancy for your 40th birthday meal, our bars and restaurants will pull out all the stops to keep you satiated.

Birthday Night Out

If the party spirit in you is still firmly alight, then maybe the only way to spend your 40th is a night on the town. Grab your loyal entourage and celebrate your birthday at any of our late Night London venues, where you can book your own space in one of our private areas and enjoy the full VIP treatment. 

Book a place on our guest list to skip the queue, get free entry to any of our venues before 11 and have drinks delivered to your table all night. Not too shabby, right?

Private Party

One of the best ways to celebrate your 40th birthday is undoubtedly your own a private party. Get in touch with our party planners today, who can help you organise an event to remember, including (but not limited to) themes, entertainment, food, drinks and all manner of fun and frivolities for your guests. 

Some of our venues are available for private hire, so talk to our planners for advice or browse our venues for yourself to see what we offer.

We're here to help!

If you need help finding the perfect venue to suit your requirements, our team of planners are here to help.