Alternative Christmas Parties in London

The endless tirade of typical Christmas traditions can become a little tiresome at this time of year. Whether its hearing the same songs over and over; not being able to walk down your local high street or seeing the same glaring lights on every corner, it can feel like its everywhere. 

Luckily, Late Night London is giving you the chance to escape from the bustling crowds by hosting some alternative Christmas parties in London, where you'll be free from Santa and his reindeer for a few hours (and the bar won’t insist on serving shots of Christmas cheer).

Themed Christmas Parties

If you're tired of the same old Christmas shenanigans, then why not organise a themed Christmas party with London Night London? We've got a ton of unique ideas to throw your way, such as our Hawaiian theme (involving all the coconuts and tequila you could want) or groovy theme (funky beats for disco dudes and divas - fancy dress encouraged). 

At the same time however, if you've got your own alternative Christmas themes in mind, don't hesitate to let us know! As lovers of the unique and quirky, we'll do everything we can to make your party ideas a reality. The more unusual the better! 

Alternative Bars

Each and every one of our bars across London has its own unique theme, so while most of them will be embracing a traditional Christmas, others like to celebrate their own way. Head down to Piccadilly Institute, which can always be relied upon to maintain its lovably twisted identity, or Bar Soho for a taste of the sultry and salacious as always. Kanaloa Bar, meanwhile, might just be the ultimate in alternative Christmas celebrations, transporting you to a tropical island with fruity drinks and sunshine food.

To find out more about alternative Christmas parties in London, get in touch with our party planners who will be more than happy to help!

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