If you’re recently engaged you’ll no doubt be floating around in a blissfully happy loved up bubble. Good for you! Congratulations. Because we don’t ever want that bubble to pop, here at Late Night London we’ve got everything prepared for you to host an unforgettable engagement party in London.

Celebrating your commitment and unity as a couple with your loved ones is the best way to get excited about your future together, the impending madness of the stag and hen parties, and of course the big wedding ahead of you. All of our bars and restaurants across London make perfect venues for a wonderful engagement party.

Whether you’d prefer an intimate and private affair or a big bash, Late Night London can ensure that your engagement party is exactly how you want it. Our party planners are experts when it comes to celebrations, and will be on hand right from the word go. Don’t let the stress of organising a party get to you just yet, that’s what we’re here for!

Themed Engagement Party Ideas

If you want to celebrate your engagement with a party theme, we’ve got some great ideas that will get you and the guests excited about the upcoming wedding.

Masquerade Ball – If you’re throwing a big engagement party with all of your friends and family then this is a great theme to get everyone in a party mood. Opulent and decorative masks can be worn with almost any attire, ensuring that everyone looks the part; this is the perfect theme for Bar Soho or Jewel Covent Garden.

All White on the Night – Only the bride is meant to wear white at the wedding (naughty Pippa), so why not flout the rules at your engagement party and let everyone feel like it’s their special day too! All white on the night is the perfect theme for Blanca Bar in Opal Bar and the light, breezy Gallery.

We're here to help!

If you need help finding the perfect venue to suit your requirements, our team of planners are here to help.