Festival Season 2017

Festival season is here and we have you covered, whether you already have you’re tickets or are going to wait until the week before and put up a panicked Facebook status in the hunt for tickets.

The British summer time is made for festivals, and although there are some epic festivals abroad; Hideout, Coachella and Burning Man, just to name a few, there is nothing quite like a good home turf festival!

We also believe that the key to a good festival is a good old planning sesh, which of course needs to be enhanced by booze! As you all know, we do going out well, so here are the best bars to plan your Festival season:

Scarlet’s - this little beauty is perfect to meet early evening for planning, we are pretty sure however, a quite planning session could turn into debauchery, with the wild team at Scarlet’s.

Gem – also known as the hidden Gem in Soho. This is the place to go if you want an added bit of fun to your planning session. Check out the Play Haus for beer pong and foosball.

Core – for all you city lovers, Core is an eclectic bar that will keep your festival ideas flowing along with the drinks.  

Throughout the month of May, we will be telling you the best festivals to attend (camping or not), the fashion and beauty trends, the important do’s and don’ts and much more! 


Festivals Mean Glitter

All you need to know for accessorising this Festival season- Glitter Glitter Glitter!! In 2017 it's not just your face that deserves that full glitter treatment. Check out this years glitter trends 


2017 Hottest Camping Festivals

Camping is a very marmite activity, but if i's at one of the UK's hottest festivals than it becomes a completely different ball game! Check out Late Night Londons suggestions for this summer.


2017 Hottest Day Festivals

I AM NOT CAMPING’ – heard at least once in every friendship group! If camping isn't your bag, then these are the day festivals nearest to London, that you need to know about! 


Festival Survival Guide

So you've secured your festival tickets...what next? There are some crucial do's and don't that need to be followed this festival season.