Fun Bars

Do you know what makes a bar even better? No not more booze, although that is a good shout, no we are talking about activities. You know something you can do and basically rip your mates for loosing or being bad at something. So here are a few bars that bring added fun to enhance your night.

Kanaloa | the perfect venue for a cheeky Tiki cocktail masterclass! BOOK NOW

Strawberry Moons | Hidden away within Strawberry Moons is Toy Box, a private immersive karaoke experience. And because it’s hidden away you can make as big a fool as yourself as possible and only you and your closest will see! BOOK NOW

Gem | If you haven’t visited the Play Haus in Gem yet, where have you been?  Head down there to show off your master beer pong and Foosball skills. BOOK NOW

Tank and Paddle | If you like an eating challenge – this one’s for you! Dude vs Dough, is the ultimate eating challenge, you have 15 minutes to finish off a whole pizza and mac and cheese. Sound easy? Less than 5 people to date have completed it. BOOK NOW

Jewel Bar | Add a bit of E-Shisha into your night out. Choose from Jewels range of delicious flavours to compliment your drink. BOOK NOW