10 Reasons why a Cocktail Making Class Is Perfect for Your Hen Do

From learning something new to amazing Instagram stories.
Written by: Adele Halsall

Fewer occasions can be more fun and eventful than a hen do in London with your gals! Champagne, photos, dancing, food - and of course, teasing the bride - can all add up to a pretty fabulous evening.

But if you’re the one left in charge of planning the night, it can feel like a lot of pressure. How will you fill the time? What if not everybody knows each other? How can you make sure the party kicks off right??

Luckily, there’s an easy answer to all of this - a cocktail making class!

Don’t believe us? Check out these 10 reasons you should include a cocktail making class in your hen do.

1. It’s a great icebreaker

Awkward Hello

A cocktail masterclass is an excellent icebreaker and will get everybody talking - even those that don’t already know each other well.

Mixing up the bride’s favourite people from different areas of her life can be daunting at first, and you can’t always be sure they’ll totally get along.

But by engaging in this shared activity, and learning a skill that will be new to most people, everyone will feel on the same level and be able to bond without any pressure.

2. Get to try (and learn about) a bunch of new cocktails

When you do a cocktail making class, you’ll have the opportunity to not try new cocktails and ingredients you may not have tried before. So if you feel your usual gin and tonic is getting a little tedious, you might just find yourself a new favourite instead.

Not only will you get to try new flavours - you’ll also actually learn about what it is you’re drinking. So if you’ve ever wondered about the origin of an Elderflower Collins, or what really goes into an Island Margarita, this is your chance to find out.

3. Look like a pro on your next first date

Impress A Date

Okay, so this is less about the hen party, and more about your own personal gain.
But it’s true - once you know a little about cocktails, you’ll have plenty of small talk fodder to use on your next date, and maybe impress any potential suitor you might be having drinks with (providing they’re not a bartender).

It’s irrelevant for the bride, but why wouldn’t you want to give this gift to all your fellow hens?

4. Share your new skill with family and friends at home

Impress Your Mates

Once knowledge has been acquired, it needs to be shared. A cocktail masterclass will give you lifelong skills you’ll want to use again and again...particularly at home when you can impress family and friends with a totally LEGIT-looking cocktail.

Fewer things help to show love more than food and drink. So take a cocktail class, and spread the love, friend.

5. Choose exactly what cocktails you want to master

Favourite Cocktails

When you take a cocktail making class in London, you are in the driver’s seat. Across the huge range of venues that offer classes, most are happy to take your drink ideas into account, ensuring you enjoy the exact kind of learning experience you want.

So pick your venue, let them know when to expect you, and what drinks you’d like to master. They’ll take care of the rest.

6. Laugh at one another’s rookie attempts

Shacking A Cocktail Funny

A cocktail making class should be a time for you hens to have fun, bond and support one another.
But we totally won’t judge if you laugh at one another’s first attempts at creating bartender-worthy cocktails.

Try as you might, it’ll be hard to keep a straight face at your mate attempting to carefully layer her ingredients...or the bride’s auntie getting bit too flamboyant with her shaking.

That’s all part of the fun. However maybe don’t sit too close to your sort-of ditzy BFF.

7. Choose what venue you’d like to do it in

Pick A Venue

When doing a cocktail masterclass, you’re in no way limited to where and when you can do it. Our beloved city of London has an amazing range of venues that offer the cocktail making experience, so you don’t have to worry about it ruining the theme of your evening if you had a certain vibe in mind.

8. It’s insanely easy to arrange

Some hen do activities can seem like a bit of a faff to sort out, requiring plenty of planning and thought ahead of time.

However, planning a cocktail making class couldn’t be easier, thanks to LNL enquiry system. Just create an account, and you’ll be able to save the venues you like the look of, ready to come back to later.

Once you’re ready to make your enquiry, use the form to send 1 enquiry to all your saved venues at once (I know, right?!). They’ll get back to you in no time to let you know when they can fit you in. Simple!

9. The bar staff will take care of everything


Short of booking in the masterclass, there really isn’t anything else to worry about with this hen party activity. Which is just another reason we love cocktail making classes so much!

Once you’ve arrived, your friendly bar staff will take care of everything - from the music to making the bride-to-be feel right at home. Many cocktail classes come with canapes or bar snacks included. And feel free to tell them any other accommodations you might need for guests within your group - they’ll be happy to oblige.

10. Get plenty of pics (and Insta-stories!)

Kardashian Selfie

A cocktail making class is a perfect opp to get the camera out, capturing not just your successes (and failures!), but also everybody learning and having a great time.

If you’re an Insta-story addict, it’ll also be a great chance to light up your feed for the night, showing off your new flare.

Check out great hen party venues in London, and hit one of them up for a night you’ll never forget.

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