5 best places to visit during Beer Week

Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder
Written by: Jessica Wight

Next week’s excuse to go out is London Beer Week, the lesser known brother of London cocktail week. A London Beer Week pass will cost you just £10 and gets you £5 tasting flights and boilermakers in participating venues. There are a fair few bars and pubs involved this year so here are the 5 that are a must for next week.

Long Arm Pub & Brewery

You can’t get craft beer any fresher than at Long Arm Pub & Brewery and it has zero carbon footprint as it’s all produced on site! Even better it’s located in the popular Shoreditch area and they make you feel super welcome. So you know that’s great.

Tank & Paddle Heddon Street

Tank & Paddle Heddon Street is probs the newest bar on the London Beer Week list. Tank & Paddle often have guest Beers on the menu alongside their amazing pizza range and next week will be no different. They are doing a sip and snack offer where you'll get a pizza and a beer for £10 with your LBW pass. 

 Also if you’re not up for paying for the week pass, Tank and Paddle do £2 pints for the first 100 bought every Tuesday. On Thursday's all botteled and canned beers are £4 each. I think that’s an alright compromise.

Belgo Holborn

Belgo is known for their Belgian beers and therefore have put together a flight that does the Belgians justice. It includes Vedett, Zot Blonde and Belgo Wit, their very own wheat beer. All for a cheeky fiver? Sounds like a bit of a deal hun.

Belgo beer flight

Draft House Seething

Draft House Seeting aren’t the only ones taking part in the Draft House chain, but there’s a quite a few so thought I’d just pick one. Anyway, if you haven’t visit a Draft House Seething yet you’re in for a treat. It’s like a pub, but a nice fancy one with nice décor. Plus, obvs you’re there for the beer and they have a great selection!

The Lighterman

There’s no doubt about it, The Lighterman is one of my favourite places in London. Mainly because it’s in Granary Square (Kings Cross) next to the Canal and has a great out drinking area. But it is also a treat inside & they are part of Beer Week so even better.

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