Drinks and Views at The Lighterman

Riverside drinks and summer vibes
Written by: Amy Gatt

One of my favourite places to work from is The Lighterman in King's Cross – and with good reason.

  1. It’s close to my house
  2. It overlooks the canal
  3. It turns into a Kings Cross party hub at 5pm

On one of these incredible summer days we’ve been having recently where it was simply too much of a tragedy to be in the office – I decided to visit The Lighterman to get some work done.

What I had forgotten was that the summer holidays had started. Upon arriving at The Lighterman, all the fountains were on, families had congregated around them and children were running around splashing in the water opposite. Thinking the bar would be super busy was well, I rushed in to find a table.

                                                 The Lighterman Open Doors For Summer

Thankfully no-one wanted to be inside on a day like that, so the bar was mercifully free. I sat at a tall table near the bar (important) with a decent view of the canal (also important). I only ordered Diet Coke as I was working (my dentist will not be happy) buy my advantageous spot near the bar meant I didn’t have to interrupt my work too much.

As it started to get closer to 5pm, more and more people started queuing at the bar and it started to get a little crowed, and by the time it got to 6pm, it was clear I wasn’t going to get any more done. I packed it in for the day , and decided to go meet a friend of mine for drinks instead.

                                                    The Lighterman Terrace

I will for sure be back at The Lighterman, for another breakfast meeting or just a day out of the office.

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