Saturdays in Alcotraz

What the prison themed cocktail bar is really like
Written by: Jessica Wight

Shoreditch has a prison themed cocktail bar called Alcotraz and to be honest it’s as great as its name. I did my time in the boozy jail at 2:45 on Saturday with 10 of my funniest girls, here’s what happened.

We arrived and were briefed by a lovely hostess, who didn’t really prepare us for what came next. We then went to the door where we met one of the prison ‘guards’, who told us all the explicitly banned items including alcohol. The whole point is that you need to sneak your own alcohol in and the ‘guards’ will help you get it past the warden. The concept escaped me as I was continually asked if I had anything he should know about. I flipped between saying yes and no as I shouted at me for an answer. I can confirm I stood my ground and snuck my own drink in.

Alcotraz Cocktail Bar Mug Shot

You then go through a door and are thrown a prison jump suit which you have to put on at pace or be shouted at. Of course I was shouted at again, but by that time I had a fit of the giggles and could barely move so it took me forever to get the jumpsuit on.

We then entered the prison and were lined up in front of our cell’s and were given a strong talking to by the warden about alcohol being the devils juice and how we better not be caught with any banned items. Once in the cell another inmate visited us to get our booze and make our cocktails. Between 10 of us we had 6 bottles of various spirits so as you can imagine it was going to be a BIG day!

Throughout our time in the prison, there were various spot checks on cells, random inmates being put in handcuff and just general debauchery. I was given a stern talking to on several occasions for having my jumpsuit undone and was told ‘ma’am, this is not a brothel; you will not get pregnant in here’. It was like a red rag to a bull for the group of girls I was with so we continued to be lippy to the guards just to see what they would say next. My personal fave was 'I'll knock that plait out of your hair'. 

At one point random prison numbers were called to be taken to segregation, I was one, of course! We were led down some stairs by a guard, who played a game of cards with us and gave us shots, all whilst hitting the walls and shouting so the warden wouldn’t know what was going on.

The team at Alcotraz didn’t break character once which made it  hands down one of the best experience I have been to and extremely boozy. I seriously suggest trying it for yourself &  to be honest I’ll probably return very soon. Book your visit to the prison here.

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