Wednesday Wine Time at German Gymnasium

Outdoor bars in Summer are the one.
Written by: Amy Gatt

It’s Wednesday. The sun is glaring down as it has been for the last few weeks and months and I am trying to find somewhere in Kings Cross to escape the fountains on Granary Square full of children to get some work done. I’d been to German Gymnasium at the end of a few messy nights in Kings Cross, and thought it deserved a visit when I wasn’t 7 drinks in, demanding my turn on the swing inside the giant birdcage just outside the bar.

When I walked over, there were already a few people gathered around the outdoor bar, and it wasn’t even 3pm yet – I liked their style.

                                                      German Gymnasium Outside Bar

I wandered in and went upstairs to the bar. I like German Gymnasium because it’s swanky without being pretentious, and today was no different. I sat down and ordered a few diet cokes while I was working. German Gymnasium has table service which is also super handy when you’re in the middle of something.

When 5 o’clock rolled around (I wasn’t clock watching, promise) I ordered a glass of sauvignon blanc. Another thing I love about German Gymnasium is the little bowl of snacks you get with your drinks – perfect to balance out the booze and super tasty. They disappeared very quickly.

                                                       German Gymnasium Wine

I ordered another wine whilst I waited for my friend to join me in King’s Cross and had a look around. There were so many types of people dotted about – those that had knocked of work earlier. Those that had scheduled a meeting at German Gymnasium and stopped in for a few drinks, those on a girls day out and those on a first date (I think – either way it looked super awkward in the way only first dates can).

Because the bar is a little posh without being overbearing, it really does for as a speakeasy for any type of visit.

I live locally, so I’m sure I’ll be back again soon, and I would for sure recommend German Gymnasium to anyone looking for a chilled bar vibe with excellent drinks and tip top service.

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