All the beer and brunch @ Draft House

Bottomless beer is a dangerous thing
Written by: Amy Gatt

So, one of my best friends from uni was coming to visit me in London, and as much as my immediate suggestion to anyone I’m meeting up with of weekend (London or otherwise) is brunch (I actually don’t think I can get enough), I didn’t think my mate would be up for this.

Why? This friend is possibly my most laddie of mates. He’s northern, sports full beard and loves to smash down a beer or six. How do I combine my love of brunch with his love of beer and good food? The answer came to me in a moment of clarity at the pub one day:

Draft House Bottomless Beer Brunch.

Veggie Melt and Sweet Potato Fries Draft House

The Draft House that hosts this unique brunch is Draft House Old Street, so I made a booking and we made our way over.

When we got to Old Street I used Google Maps to direct me to the bar, which was an unhelp. Apparently, I needed to wander around Old Street for a little while, only to end up about 50ft ahead of my starting point, and no closer to the bar. The good news was that it was pretty well signposted, and only about a 2-minute walk from the tube.

                                                           Draft House Old Street Google Map

We arrived, were seated, and immediately asked if we wanted the bottomless beer or prosecco option. My friend went for the beer (obviously) and I opted for prosecco. Drinks were brought over immediately (good start) and we chose our meals.

We opted for burgers, my mate went for The Bacon Dripper, and I went for The Veggie Melt. Whilst we waited, I had a look at the Christmas menu on the table while our glasses were re-filled. What surprised me was that Draft House actually have a vegan and a gluten free Christmas option this year. As a vegetarian/aspiring vegan I was pleasantly surprised – the food looked fab too.

The food arrived and, as usual when ordering a veggie burger, I was a little sceptical (and to be honest at this point a little tipsy – we were 3 drinks in). Generally, I find veggie burgers dry, but I figured ordering one in a place that does food so well was less of a risk.

Bottomless Beer Brunch at Draft House

I was not disappointed.

The veggie burger was INCREDIBLE. I actually made my friend try some and he thought maybe I’d been given a beef burger – it was that credible. In fact, it was so amazing that (four and a half glasses of prosecco in) I stopped the waiter and asked if my order was definitely vegetarian. He confirmed it was. Honestly. AMAZING!

I also have it on good authority that The Bacon Dripper was also amazing. It looked spectacular and got smashed down pretty quickly.

Draft House Old Street Bop Sign

You get 2 hours at your table for brunch, so we ended up with a decent amount of time just drinking our unlimited beverages. The guys were so good at making sure our drinks were topped up, and we even got a cheeky little 5-minute warning before the end of our allotted table time so we could re-fill our drinks one last time.

Needless to say, I was pretty tipsy leaving Draft House. A group of guys arrived as we were leaving, and all ordered the bottomless beer brunch – rebuking the idea that brunch is something reserved only for women which I LOVE.

Although it looks like it’s just Draft House Old Street that does Bottomless Brunch, all Draft House bars do great food and loads of beers that you won’t find everywhere. If Old Street is too far, find one near you.

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