One Canada Square’s Bottomless Brunch

The Brunch in Canary Wharf that won't disappoint
Written by: Madolyn Grove

Ahhh Canary Wharf, the weird Oz-like-mini-planet with its Mall Cops security that drive around in Lego cars. What a wonderment it is.

One Canada Square, right in the centre of The Wharf may be the place Wage Slaves drop into only to visit HSBC, but weekend brunch at the ground floor Restaurant and Bar has chilled vibes the likes of which you’d never see in Soho on a Saturday… and did I mention the brunch was bottomless.

One Canada Square Brunch 2 A

The menu is pretty classic offering one or two courses for a set price, with the added delight of unlimited mimosas, prosecco, Bloody (and virgin) Marys and house wine. To start, there’s a soft shell crab egg 'Benedict' with jalapeno hollandaise that looked a little more muffin than crab, while the unassuming avocado and chilli on toast was triumphant as far as avo toast goes, topped with the most perfectly grilled smoked bacon. Steak tartare was another highlight, coarsely chopped steak topped with a gooey raw egg yolk and well flavoured with gherkin and hot sauce.

For mains, we went for burgers all round after they passed by us in masses on their way to other diner’s tables. We knew after that smoky bacon avo toast combo that the burgers would be great. What arrived was two massive meat patties topped with bacon, cheese and a house-made special sauce. It was all so good. Big, and good.

While we didn’t need desserts, of course we had one each. As if we’d skip the rich mirror-glazed chocolate and almond tart or a moreish apple pie topped with ethereally light baked meringue.

One Canada Square Brunch 5 A

The experience was made even sweeter by an acoustic duo putting their own twist on all the best cheesy pop tunes. With bottomless brunch engulfing London, it’s great to find somewhere that does it so well. There aren’t many where the booze is so frequently topped up in an atmosphere that balances buzzy and relaxed. The trip to Canary Wharf is more than worth it even if the only thing you do there is smash One Canada Square’s brunch.

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