Rocket by Balls Brothers has Launched

The new Canary Wharf hotspot is upon us!
Written by: Jessica Wight

I’d say Canary Wharf is proper underrated, and I’ll tell you for why, it’s because it feels like you’re in a different city, so unless you work there it’s not a common place to venture to. I’m aware I may just be speaking for myself here, but I asked like 8 people and they agreed.

Anyway, following today’s visit to the brand spanking new Rocket by Balls Brothers, I’m pretty sure I’ll be seeing a lot more of Canary Wharf. For those that have never been to a Balls Brothers, they’re well known for exquisite wines, great British dishes and elegant/ modern style with classic touches for good measure. Rocket by Balls Brothers is no exception, it is stunning! It also features something none of the other’s do, a balcony! If you need to find me in the summer, I’ll be there with a platter, a double vodka diet coke and a Marlborough light. I have it on good authority there will be a bar out there in the summer, WINNER!

We had a bit of lunch in the downstairs bar, it’s light, airy, there’s background music, but it’s not too loud, perfect for a chilled drink and a spot of lunch. Due to the fact it was opening day we got a free glass of bubbles with lunch, can’t really moan about that.

So I went for the superfood salad (with no dressing, I’m on a diet), which was super good, see what I did there? (CRINGE). I won’t lie I was a bit baffled by the presence of blueberries, but it actually worked. There are other heartier dishes on the menu, so I will be back to try a good few of them, it will be my summer hangout after all.

Rocket Balls Brothers Superfood Salad

After smashing down a salad in approx. 3.2 minutes, we wondered upstairs to see what it’s all about and it was beautiful and really busy actually. Other than the balcony, I was particularly impressed by the wine cellar and a little cubby hole area, it’s not called that and it’s a lot more fancy than that, the below photo probs does it more justice.

                                    Rocket Balls Brothers 8

I’ll be back there to find out what evenings at Rocket by Balls Brothers have instore, but I have high hopes that I think will be met.

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