Tank & Paddle comes to the West End!

And I couldn’t be more excited about it.
Written by: Amy Gatt

One of my most loved restaurants in the City, Tank & Paddle, opened its doors in the West End. If you don’t know what Tank & Paddle is (where have you been?!) It’s an amazing Pizza and Beer restaurant serving up some of the best Pizza I have had in London.

When I found out that they were opening their 3rd place in the West End, I couldn’t have been happier (my office is in the West End). What better way to celebrate the end of January (give or take a week – let’s not worry about that) than heading to Tank & Paddle?!

So off I went.

The bar and restaurant had everything I had come to know and love about Tank & Paddle – from the décor (I LOVE the new neon sign) to the smell of great food being churned out of the oven.

                                       Tank & Paddle Beer Sign

The atmosphere was electric. Loads of people turned up for the launch. What I love about the location of this Tank (other than being a 5-minute walk from my office) was its location on Heddon Street. Heddon Street is pretty well known for its faaancy restaurants, so if you’re looking for a "destination" restaurant, without spending the earth – Tank and Paddle is the one.

I ordered my favourite (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it), The Billy Goat’s Stuffed pizza. It was as amazing as it always is. Not being a fan of beer, I opted for a vodka and diet coke (shocking). There’s not a lot that can go wrong with pouring that one – fab.

My friend ordered a few of the Meantime Brewery Fresh - served directly from the massive tanks in the bar, which he loved. He also sampled the Meantime Yakima Red, then sampled it again...and again. It was a winner.

I also realised just how much word has spread about Tank & Paddle’s infamous Dude vs Dough competition. 2 people tried eating a yard of Pizza and a Mac and Cheese in 15 minutes – and both did it! I have never seen so many people cheering on others to eat themselves into a stupor – but the atmosphere was great.

Needless to say – I will be here A LOT. Much to the detriment of my bank balance and general health but to the pleasure of my general carb loving life. Make sure you book a table ASAP.

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