Top Italian Dining somewhere you’ve probably overlooked

You’ll be shocked when you realise where I went.
Written by: Amy Gatt

It was a rainy day in Islington and summer seems like a distant memory already. Whenever the weather get colder, I start to crave more hearty meals that warm you up from inside and what better cuisine to choose for this purpose than Italian.

I knew of this particular Italian but hadn’t visited in a while. Stuck in the rain with no desire to walk to far to take shelter from the rain, I went in and sat down.

The menu had your standard pizza, pasta and grill dishes that you expect from any Italian, but with a few tasty little dishes like Mussells Italiano added to the starter menu and Wild Boar Tortelloni as a main.

I ordered a Diet Coke (standard) and the Funghi Arrosto (baked mushrooms in a creamy cheese and spinach sauce) to start, before settling down to do some work.

This was when I got my first surprise. My starter looked far from what I expected of this restaurant. The small plate was so well presented, the cheese was bubbling and the bread it was all served on was toasted to perfection. The mushrooms were so good, the quality I would expect in a really decent Italian restaurant.

                                                Bella Italia Mushroom Starter

Having been inspired by the starter, I ordered the Funghi Crema (as you can tell, I’m still and always will be a mushroom advocate) as a main. By this point more and more people had taken shelter from the rain at this particular restaurant; families, couples, friends and other people working like me. I ate my main as I watched them slowly filter in and order their food.

The main was delicious – super creamy and mushroom-y (yes, that’s a word!). Again, I was not expecting the quality of the food to be so good. The pasta was cooked to perfection and before I knew it the bowl was gone.

I stayed and worked for a couple more hours, the place had a nice relaxed vibe that meant I could sit there and get on with my work relatively peacefully. I suspect it would be a great place for a first/second date, or for a casual catch up with mates.

So where do you think I ended up? Well, I can reveal that the restaurant that served all this amazing Italian food was…

Bella Italia! Yes, REALLY!

I went to the one in Islington, but if you want to see what I am talking about, then find one near you! Take a look at some of their top venue locations here. Honestly, you will not regret it.

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