Vegan lunching at Belgo

Lazy Vegan Living at its best.
Written by: Amy Gatt

As you may have noticed, the weather in London has recently gone from months of glorious sunshine and 30-degree heat to grey skies and rain which is far more in keeping to what we know, however disappointing.

On a particularly grey day, I found myself in Covent Garden, looking for a place for a late working lunch (this seems to be becoming a theme in my life).

Enter Belgo. I had been to another of the Belgo restaurants before and really liked the food and the vibe, and as I found myself near Belgo Centraal I thought I’d duck in and grab some food.

Outside Belgo Centraal

As I entered, the song that was playing was ‘Why Does it Always Rain on Me’ by Travis, which I didn’t know whether to find funny or bleakly apt, but I didn’t have time to think about that for too long as I clocked a wall of faux (I think) stained glass beauty to my right. Definitely a cheeky Instagram story moment.

Belgo Central 4

After a short while I was shown to my table and naturally I ordered a pint of Diet Coke – standard. I took a look at the menus (there were several!) and found a new Vegan section I’d not seen before – fab! After taking a quick look through the list, I opted for the vegan burger. Then cracked on with some work before my food arrived.

Belgo Menu

What I did notice was that the bar was far busier than I thought it would have been (I was hoping for a quiet corner to work from). Loads of the tables were full of people drinking or enjoying a late lunch. The vibe was quite continental – it wouldn’t have been difficult to think I was in Belgium with all the Belgian beer posters and paintings on the walls. This is clearly a popular place for tourists in the area and a few people had clearly settled in for the day. One lady in particular just about managed to pour herself another glass of wine before she nearly poured the rest of the bottle in the wine cooler. At 3pm. Love it.

Belgian Beer Poster Belgo Centraal

After a short time my food arrived and it looked great, but looks aren’t everything – what did it taste like? The answer – fab. It tasted like a better veggie burger. You could tell that it was essentially loads of tasty beg smooched together, but it wasn’t dry – and I also loved the what looked and tasted like a sesame seed breading. It was slightly spicy, which also brought some more flavour to the burger, and the sauce in the burger stopped it from becoming dry.

Vegan Burger At Belgo

I ended up staying a little while longer to get some more work done but spied the meal the people next to me were having – one opted for the mussels (Belgo in known for serving fantastic mussels) and the plate she got was piled high with (what I assume to be) tasty mussels. They also opted for a dessert to share – the bubble waffle and ice-cream and I on seeing it I was tempted to grab one for myself but resisted the urge!

I’d recommend Belgo Centraal if you find yourself in Covent Garden on a rainy day, but also if you’re in need of a relaxed vibe after the chaos of The West End. If you're not in the West End, they've got plenty of others dotted about for you to visit.

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