What the Putt? Puttshack is finally here!

And it’s everything we could have wanted and more.
Written by: Amy Gatt

Indoor mini-golf is a popular pastime in London. So, when we found out that the brains behind Bounce were launching a new indoor golfing venue called Puttshack, I was more than a little excited.

We were invited to the launch of Puttshack and LNL Sam and I made our way to Westfield Shepherds Bush to see what it was all about.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a chandelier made of putting sticks, which we loved (yes, we are that easy to impress) – definitely one for the ‘gram. We walked upstairs and we were greeted and advised to check in our coats and bags before signing up for a game of mini golf. We check in our stuff but decided to have a look around the venue first before signing up for a game.

                                                         Puttshack 1

The place looked amazing, generally the bar is the obvious feature of any venue, but there was so much to see and take it that we almost lost it in all the décor. Despite having a lot going on – Puttshack didn’t look cramped or dark. The space is massive and floor to ceiling windows mean plenty of natural light gets in to make you feel less claustrophobic than you may do in other indoor golfing venues.

We were (pretty instantly) offered a glass of prosecco, wine, or beer. Perfect! We grabbed a prosecco and wandered around the venue. Various canapes were floating around that we tried. Now, before you think that canapes don’t belong at an indoor golfing venue, think Buttermilk Marinated Popcorn Chicken, Fillet of Beef Skewers and Muhammara (roasted red peppers, walnuts & pomegranate molasses dip on salted blue corn chips). Despite my fair-weather vegetarian ways, I tried it all and it was all amazing. You’ll find all those on the ‘To Start and To Share’ part of Puttshack’s menu. I strongly recommend you try it all too.

Now, for the main event. We booked our game using the interactive screens, then headed over to the course. When arriving at the course, we signed into our game, and two golf balls appeared from above our head and through a hole in the machine. Each ball was tracked to one of us, so it could track our score without us having to do so – clever!

Screens above each hole told us whose go it was, and we made our way around the course. You get 1 minute per person at each hole, which really helps in moving people along and making sure there are no build ups of people waiting to have a go on the course. Perfect.

Each hole was amazing. There was a hole that looked like a bowling alley (I got a hole in one on that one!), and there was one that tempted you with a prize if you got a whole in one. There was also a hole that asked you a question, which you had to answer true or false (and subsequently putt your ball the right way) to play. We were entertained the whole way through. I’d say it took us about 20 mins to get round this course, but there are other courses you could play if you have more time on your hands (I will definitely be back for more in the very near future).

We stayed for a few more drinks and tasty tasty canapes before heading out, but in all honesty Puttshack is one of the best new venues I have been to this year and I have been raving about it to anyone who will listen (and now, you).

I’d recommend Puttshack for a chilled Saturday afternoon with mates (perhaps after some intensive shopping), a birthday party with a fun twist or a corporate event/team building day. Either way, make your visit to Westfield better by visiting Puttshack, as soon as you can!

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