What to Expect in 2018

If you didn't do these things in 2017, 2018 is your year!
Written by: Jessica Wight

Let’s be honest 2017 was a bit of a year. We could bang on about the economy and environment until the cows come home (such an odd saying, btw), but we’re Late Night London, so instead let’s talk about the going out world and how 2017’s trends are going to affect your 2018.

 Here are the top 10 things 2017 brought us, that we should all still be doing in 2018!

Brunch, especially the boozy kind became a big thing in 2017! Like its massive and it’s been on most people’s social agenda at least once this year. However if you didn’t make a cheeky brunch part of your social plans last year, make sure you book one in 2018 at one of these incredible venues


One food venues and pop ups were everywhere in 2017. This trend actually started a few years back with the likes of hipchips, who literally just do crisps and dips, but 2017 supersized it. Cheese was a big thing last year, and we mean, who doesn’t like cheese? May that be a trend that continues into this year!

Veganism, everyone is or knows a vegan and the restaurant & booze industry has started to take note. I mean Veganuary is actually a thing now! You’ve got your restaurants that predominantly cater for the people of vegan & vegetarian persuasion, and then the restaurants that have put in vegan menus like Draft House. Take a look at our Vegan Eating in London page.


Gin. Yes because everyone loves it so much, we are talking about it for another year! In 2017 however it officially took over vodka as the UK’s bestselling spirit. May that trend long continue this year! However if Gin isn’t you dam ting and rum is. We suggest visiting Burlock rum bar this year.

Let’s move off food and drink for a min and talk glitter. We know glitter has always been a festival thing, the odd bindi and sparkle round the eye, last year, it’s extended to boobs, arms, legs, hair partings. Basically anywhere on your body for any occasion. We are so into this trend, but it’s a nightmare to get off and you literally find it everywhere for months after.


Pizza was not a specific 2017 trend, but like gin, it still hasn’t dropped from the top of everyones key food groups (YES, pizza is its own food group). TBH we can’t really see pizza being replaced with anything better in 2018, especially with the new Tank & Paddle Heddon street opening at the end of this month!

Tank And Paddle Bishopsgate 4

Poutine shimmied it’s way over to the UK from Canada. Poutine is a traditional Canadian dish made up of French fries, cheese curds and gravy, or cheesy chips and gravy if you’re British. Bar Elba does it particularly well. Check them out here. 

‘Super’ Coffee is being dubbed as a hot trend in 2018. Ingredients such as Chia seeds, coconut sugar and even glitter made an appearance in our 2017 morning lattes. The year ended with the ‘selfieccino’ basically a cappuccino that you can get your face printed on the milk foam! A step too far? We anticipate the humble coffee will continue to get more weird and wonderful as the year goes on.

Glittery Coffee

Bubble Waffles became a big thing in 2017, with people literally queuing for hours throughout the streets of soho to get their hands on one! Lucky for us, Belgo  have jumped on the bubble waffle trend and you can now enjoy a sweet or savoury at any of their venues!

As much as it pains us to say, non-alcoholic drinks are going to be pretty big this year. 2017 saw a surge in non-alcoholic beers, wines and even gin (YES GIN)!  So for you dry-Jan sticklers, 2018 is going to be a breeze!

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As you may have guessed I'm not on the no drinking hype!

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