Why Hackney Wick is perfect for sunny days

Basically everything is near the canal
Written by: Jessica Wight

Let’s be honest, whenever we see even the slightest hint of sun, a group WhatsApp gets sent out about outside drinking/ eating options. This statement is even truer when the sun makes a lovely little weekend appearance. My suggestion when this happens is head east to Hackney Wick. Not only are a lot of the bars and restaurants along the canal, but there is LOADS of outside space and it looks pretty in the sun.

Hackney Wick 3

The breakfast club is a good starting point, if you’re an early bird like me (lie, that was a lie), as it opens at 8am. However the sun doesn’t hit the outside area until a bit later, but who wants to be blinded by the reflection off their poached eggs anyway? It’s a great excuse to say you had breakfast al fresco because sunny London is so great!

Alternatively there’s MOTHER, that opens at 9am, but their menu is plant based, so fab for vegans but if you’re craving a big old sausage and a couple of eggs, this isn’t for you. I will say the smoothies are pretty good, so deffo worth a visit.

If actually like me you have no interest in leaving your house before midday unless you’ve got work, Shanes on Canalside is a lovely bar and restaurant that’s a great place to start your day of sun worshipping. There’s also a resident dog called Edna who belongs to the owner and is super cute and super friendly.

                                   Hackney Wick Shanes On Canalside 1

If you want something a little different there’s always Four Quarters East which is a bar based around retro games consoles. The action happens inside away from the sun, but again there is an outdoor area for some sunny relief.

Crate is probably one of the most well-known spots in Hackney Wick due to the music events they hold but also because it’s pictured quite a lot when talking about outside spaces. Crate is a brewery, bar, pizzeria and obvs alfresco drinking spot but it also is host to three other bars; Alfred Le Roy, The Brew Shed and Micks Garage. Alfred Le Roy is bar on board a canal boat that is open topped in the summer. It’s a great spot for all the drinks and a bit of food.

In true Hackney Wick style Grow is not only a canal side bar but also a kitchen and creative space. Obvs it has a good outside area otherwise I wouldn’t be talking about it, but they also support musicians, DJ’s and community groups. Great for finding talent your mates don’t know about yet.

Grow Hackney Wick

Number 90 Bar is, you guessed it, a canal side bar in Hackney Wicks. Let’s get real, sitting anywhere near water when the suns out is a winning combination so yes I would recommend Number 90. Number 90 is also a good should for a place to go in the evening with DJ’s and other random events happening. Also my friend used to run a bingo night there, like a good one not for old people so deffo worth a visit.

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