10 Ways Christmas Pop Ups make Christmas in London

From the twinkly lights, warm smells and buzzing atmosphere...there really is something about Christmas markets in London.
Written by: Adele Halsall

Whether you get as excited as an elf around the festive period, or dread the commercial’s hard to deny that this time of year wouldn’t be complete without the London’s Christmas pop-ups.

If you’re unsure, however, then let me change your mind. I’ve listed 10 reasons why the Christmas pop-ups are the essence of Christmas in London.

(And if you fancy trying any, be sure to check out our favourite London Christmas pop-ups.)


  1. The smells

                                10 Ways Christmas Pop Ups make Christmas in London - smells

You know what we’re talking about. The sizzling Bratwurst; the Chinese spring rolls; the sweet crepes and the freshly baked pies...Christmas pop-ups are a melting pot of inviting smoke and mouthwatering smells.

Even if you’re not headed to a market directly, just walking by any of the city’s pop-ups is enough to fill your nostrils with the sweet, sweet aromas. Simple take a breath, and breathe it in folks. That’s the smell that gets us through December.


2. The atmosphere

                              10 Ways Christmas Pop Ups make Christmas in London - atmosphere

It’s not just the delicious food smells that help us get through the winter season.

It’s the whole Christmassy atmosphere of these markets that just has you feeling totally magical.

From the lights and the smells, to the Christmas songs being projected through speakers and the sounds of laughter and frivolity echoing through the air. I’m pretty sure without it, we’d all feel a lot less festive on a boring weekday.


3. You get to try a lot of new food and drink

                            10 Ways Christmas Pop Ups make Christmas in London - taster

Okay, so this one is about food again, but bear with me.

Christmas markets are usually a treasure trove of new and unusual foods from varying cuisines, which can be found conveniently all in one place. In a mere Monday night you could try a festive grilled Cubano cheese sandwich, Spanish paella, hot chocolate cocktails and a Christmas dinner wrap all in one fell swoop. I mean where else could you find these things, honestly?!

Then there’s the classic Christmassy favourites we all love. Mulled wine, fragrant eggnog, winter strudel and mince pies with brandy’s all right there, on your doorstep. Are you salivating yet?


4. Pick up those unique, handmade or last-minute Christmas presents

                             10 Ways Christmas Pop Ups make Christmas in London - buying presents

Christmas pop-ups are usually full of eclectic stalls selling unique, unusual and one-of-a-kind gifts.

Whether you’re looking for that one person who’s hard to buy for, or just fancy doing a bit of additional shopping whilst stuffing your face, you absolutely can do that at any of London’s markets.


5. It’s an excuse to go out after work

                              10 Ways Christmas Pop Ups make Christmas in London - after work drins 

Christmas markets are a pretty great way to go out after work, without really admitting to going out.

A casual walk around the Christmas market could quickly turn into getting rather merry at a pop-up pub disguised as a ski lodge. I mean, it’s pretty much the next best thing to hopping on a plane and heading to Lapland yourself.


6. There’s ice skating involved

                                             10 Ways Christmas Pop Ups make Christmas in London - ice skating

It’s not often we get to go ice skating in London without going out of our way to find a dedicated ice rink.

So when the Christmas pop-ups come to town, we know we gotta make the most of those pop-up rinks as much as possible.

Check out Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland or Winterville on Clapham Common for some serious winter gliding fun.


7. They’re great for entertaining the family.

                              10 Ways Christmas Pop Ups make Christmas in London - family entertaining

The Christmas pop-ups are great for providing fun for the whole family - especially little ones who might prove to be a bit of a handful.

Whether you take them ice skating, have them ride the fairground rides at Hyde Park or take them for hot chocolate post-shopping, there’s always plenty to keep the kids entertained.

Check out this year’s winter events at the Southbank Centre - there’s their Winter Market, a family-friendly Snow Ball and even a renewed performance of Rumpelstiltskin.


8. Get to experience REAL snow.

                             10 Ways Christmas Pop Ups make Christmas in London - snow

Well, okay, maybe it’s not real as in fell-from-the-sky real. But probably as real as we’re ever gonna get…

If you’re craving a touch of the white stuff, head to the Montague Ski Lodge at Montague Hotel. With pine trees, falling snow, reindeer, ski racks, lanterns and big woolly rugs, it is the ULTIMATE alpine lodge experience.


9. Meet lots of new people.

                             10 Ways Christmas Pop Ups make Christmas in London - friends

Forget your usual bar hopping on a Friday night. The Christmas markets are a great place to mooch with your friends and meet other interesting people.

Whether you choose to hang out at an Alpine-themed pub, take an ice-sculpting workshop at Winter Wonderland or attend Clapham Common’s Winterville roller disco, there’ll be plenty of innovative opportunities for you to meet some new faces this season.


10. Get in touch with your inner child.

                             10 Ways Christmas Pop Ups make Christmas in London - inner child

With so much excitement and festive cheer in the air, Christmas pop-ups are a great way to get back in touch with your inner child.

From the fairground rides and roasted chestnuts, to the and magical Enchanted Forest at Winter Wonderland, there’s no reason you should be keeping a grown-up face in the build-up to Christmas.

If you’re looking for a fun first date idea or trying to cut back on the booze, rekindling your childhood spirit is a perfect excuse to act a little less serious while you enjoy the Christmassy atmosphere.

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