The 30 before 30 Bandwagon

30 before 30 lists are massive at the moment, and people are starting earlier giving themselves bigger and better goals.
Written by: Jessica Wight

If you haven’t heard of the phenomenon, it’s basically a bucket list of things you want to do before you turn 30. We have been checking out peoples 30 before 30 lists and think these 20 are our favourite:

  • Regularly eat and enjoy at least 3 new vegetables - I mean how many vegetables are there? Does Gin count?
  • Enjoy a one night stand - exactly how many one night stands are really that enjoyable?
  • Learn to DJ
30 before 30 DJ
This is a caption
  • Climb the O2
  • Go out every night for a week – we can definitely help you with this one. Check out our incredible venue portfolio
  • Splurge on a once in a lifetime meal at one of London’s most exclusive restaurants
  • Learn how to bar tend – if not already a bar tender. Again another one we can help you with. Check out our cocktail masterclasses
  • Have a social media blackout – that’s right, come of all social media for a month – sound easy?
  • Get locked in a department store – I mean come on we have all seen elf, that looks pretty epic!
30 before 30 Store
  • Fall in love – easier said than done, but it’s a nice idea. Wine is always a good fall back plan though
  • Go travelling - now we're am sure a lot of you reading this have already done that, but the worlds a big place so there is no harm in doing more is there?!
  • Get your dream job. We don’t think lady of leisure counts as a dream job FYI
  • Buy a house - pretty sure, no 100% sure, this didn’t come from a Londoner
  • Rent a yacht – we noticed the owner of this bucket list was not size specific – good call, we’re not all Jay Z.
30 before 30 buy a yacht
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