Getting what you want for Christmas

Few things are more awkward than having to feign excitement at a gift you’re really not stoked about. Luckily, that situation can be avoided by simply following these handy hint-dropping moves…
Written by: Adele Halsall

Whilst you prep for Christmas and have little mini-panic about what to give all your loved ones on the big day…

…you might also wanna spend some time ensuring you get the gift you want for Christmas, too.

This isn’t meant to sound selfish, by any means. But if people are going to be spending their hard-earned cash on you, it may as well be something you’ll love, treasure and use, right?


                             10 Ways Christmas Pop Ups make Christmas in London - buying presents

1. Make an Amazon Wishlist

There’s no easier way to get all of your latest loves in one place than making an Amazon Wishlist.

If you don’t have one already, I highly recommend you set one up (you only need an Amazon account). Once you have, feel free to ask friends and family members for theirs too. Not only is it a super easy (and lazy) way to figure out someone’s Christmas gift, they’ll also likely ask for yours too.

And then voila. All the items you’re lusting after, in one place. (P.S - if something disappears from your wishlist, it means it’s been bought.)

2. Get somebody else to drop the hint for you.

If you’re not good at being direct, you don’t have to be. Just talk to different family members and friends about what you want, so that they can drop the hints to the gift-buyer.

For example, get your best mate to let your boyfriend know about that handbag you love. Or tell your sister to show your mum that book you’re desperate to get your hands on.

3. Share links on social media.

If you’re connected to your friends and family on social platforms, that’s a great opportunity to share your (not so secret) desires.

Whether it’s dropping a link to an item of clothing on Facebook, tweeting about the latest Macbook or tagging your mate in an Instagram post, this is truly a time that oversharing isn’t a bad thing.

Getting what you want for xmas - social media

4. Go Christmas shopping together

Why not ask your partner, friends or siblings if they’d like to do some festive shopping together? That way, you can point out anything that takes your fancy in the hope they’ll remember it later on.

For example, you could stop by the jewellery store and say something like, “Oh man, I’ve been loving these bracelets lately...I was going to buy one for myself but I don’t want to spend the money right now…”

If you’re shopping buddy takes the hint, you’ll likely be opening the item up on Christmas Day.

5. Leave your wishlist lying around

Sometimes a strategically-placed post-it note with a few items scrawled on it, or a wishlist of the items you’re lusting after, can be majorly effective.

Just leave the list or the note in a place your loved one might ‘accidentally’ find it, and let the magic take hold. However, you need to be careful with this one. Don’t leave it somewhere that look obvious, and don’t let them know you did it on purpose. Also, the note needs to look as though you wrote it for yourself only, so it can’t look too organised or tidy.

Getting what you want for xmas - watch wish list

6. ‘Accidentally’ leave your browser window open.

If there’s ever a time you want your internet browsing habits to be on show, it’s now.

Simply leave your open laptop lying around showing a picture of those shoes you like...or better yet, borrow your boyfriend’s or your mum’s laptop to do some indulgent Christmas browsing, then ‘accidentally’ leave the tab open before you close it.

Next time they use their computer - bam. Instant gift-giving inspo.

7. Mention what X’s partner is buying them.

This one is mainly a trick for your partner...and it involves tapping into their competitive edge.

Just talk nonchalantly about what your friends are getting for Christmas, not forgetting to mention that super expensive or special or exciting present that so-and-so is receiving from their partner.

This will probably inspire your partner to go one better, and buy you an amazing gift you’ll be bowled over by.

Two girls whispering

8. Mention what you don’t like.

Some people are just better at remembering what you don’t like, rather than what you do.

Next time you’re on the couch and see an advert for a kitchen blender,  talk about how you don’t understand the purpose of them and would probably much rather have [insert dream gift here] instead.

Take advantage of this and use it to deter any and all terrible gift ideas your loved one may be thinking up - particularly if they’re prone to following generic ideas.

9. Complain about old stuff.

A good old classic move is to complain about the old stuff you currently do have, on the premise that a brand new version of X would bring so much more value to your life.

Whether it’s running shoes that are falling apart, a pair of worse-for-wear hair straighteners or a slow-running laptop, making it clear that these items are less than perfect will definitely catch the ears of your loved ones...providing you mention it when they’re around.

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