Halloween Outfit Trends 2018

Halloween is approaching fast, so we’re here to remind you so that you don’t leave it too late for your costume.
Written by: Adele Halsall

Whether you spend this night hitting up your fave London bars, heading out to a mate’s Halloween party or giving out candy to those rambunctious trick-or-treaters, a good costume is a must.

Luckily, with all its events, scandals, movies and celebs, 2018 has given us plenty of inspiration. We’ve conveniently rounded them all  up here for you so you can be sure your Halloween outfit absolutely SLAYS this year.

1. Harley Quinn

The sweet-talking, mischievous and slightly unhinged siren from Suicide Squad is still a firm favourite at Halloween time.

Not only do you get to look cute, you’re also just the right amount of scary to get away with it for Halloween. Bad side? You might be a bit freezing in those hotpants. Try pairing this with the Joker for a cute couple’s costume.

What to wear: Grab a Sateen bomber jacket, a pear of red and blue hotpants, fishnet tights, high top converse, cuffs and crazy colours in your hair, which you’ll wear in bunches, obviously.  Don’t forget a varsity top or the official ‘Daddy’s Li’l Monster’ tee.


2. Queer Eye Fab 5

We’ve all developed a soft spot for Queer Eye and this if you’ve got a few mates up for the challenge, it’s a pretty costume to pull off.

What to wear: Incredibly tailored clothes, fashionable shoes and extremely well-groomed hair.

Halloween Trends - queer eye fab 5

3. Shuri from Black Panther

If you loved the strong female cast of Black Panther, then Shuri is an incredibly empowering costume option.

What to wear: Dark coloured skin-hugging bodysuit; armor-like panels or pads; thick/heavy jewellery; boots; upper-arm cuffs; face makeup.


4. Piper (or anybody) from OITNB

Speaking of beloved TV shows, I’ve been a sucker for Orange Is The New Black since the beginning.

For a simple, low-effort costume, try going as Piper or your otherwise favourite inmate from Litchfield. The best part is you don’t even need to wear makeup or do your hair for this costume.

What to wear: Orange jumpsuit; white tee; messy/backcombed hair; nametag and dark vans/slip-on shoes.


5. Tonya Harding

The famous figure skater’s story was finally heard with the release of the 2018 movie ‘I, Tonya’. Why not step into this simple and easily recognisable costume to celebrate the inspiring sports icon?

What to wear: A sparkly figure skating costume and skates, Olympic medal, ponytail and fluffy bangs.


6. Donna & The Dynamos

With the release of Mamma Mia 2 earlier this year, we were reminded just how loveable Donna & The Dynamos were. Grab two friends and go all out 80s to replicate the fictional yet fun girl band.

The best thing about this costume is that it works whatever age you are. Don’t forget to rehearse your ABBA lyrics beforehand!

What to wear: Bell-bottoms; gold boots; sparkly tube tops and feather boas.


7. Cast of G.L.OW.

If you’re not sure what G.L.O.W is, then where have you been? Grab a mate or two and dress up as any one of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling to seriously turn some heads.

If you can only get your bestie on board, then why not play up the key rivals, Zoya the Destroyer and Liberty Belle?

What to wear: Sparkly leotards; backcombed hair (or wigs); intimidating looks and themed makeup.


8. Michael Myers

The famous villain of the Halloween movie series is back this year with a new instalment, making Michael Myers a popular choice for dressing up this year.

What to wear: Black cloak, black jeans, face mask and fake knife (possibly with fake blood).


9. Cast of Stranger Things

Undoubtedly one of the most popular shows on Netflix, Stranger Things is the ideal show to binge watch this Halloween. But a couple of the characters also make pretty great Halloween costumes, such as Barb, Eleven or even ‘the wall’.

What’s more, Hot Topic and Spirit Halloween even put a special Stranger Things line of clothing, making it even easier to emulate your favourite characters. Obscure add-ons and accessories are also available from Etsy.

What to wear:

Barb: Impersonate the missing girl of season one with a plaid blouse and high-waisted mom jeans, large 80s spectacles, and a red-haired wig. For extra fun, get a couple of buddies to walk around wearing ‘Justice for Barb’ tshirts.

Eleven: Unless you’re willing to shave your head or wear a cap, Eleven might be a little tough to pull off. But you can always go as ‘girly Eleven’ by wearing a blonde wig, pink dress, cardigan, baseball socks and converse shoes. Don’t forget the bleeding nose and box of Eggos.

The Wall: For a fun twist on a Stranger Things costume, go as the wall in Joyce’s living room that Mike uses to communicate in season one. Simply don a flowery ‘wallpaper’-style shirt over this awesome ‘Right Here’ tee from Tee Public. Drape a set of multicolour string lights around your neck and don’t forget to carry fabric pens so your buddies can doodle on you.

Halloween Trends - stranger things

10. Daenerys, Queen of Dragons

Fewer female characters are more powerful and sexy than Game of Thrones’ Daenerys, Queen of dragons. Not only is this a fun costume to pull off, it’d also pair pretty nicely with a Jon Snow costume.

What to wear: Long white dress and cape; half-up, half-down hair with a braid (or wear a wig); some armour/neckwear or chunky necklace.


11. Donald Trump

Few things are more unnerving than Donald Trump...and we mean that in both a tongue-in-cheek kind of way and a no-seriously-we-mean-it kind of way (just listen to one of his speeches).

Either way, he makes a pretty easy and amusing Halloween costume.

What to wear: Suit; blonde wig; orangey tanned makeup on face, and don’t forget to hold a newspaper yelling ‘fake news’.


12. Deadpool ‘Baby Legs’

Forget the classic Deadpool costume - we feel this one’s a much more hilarious fit.

If you haven’t seen the Deadpool sequel yet, we highly recommend you give it a watch. The scene where our favourite hero loses his legs and has to grow them back is quite possibly one of the funniest scenes in cinema this year.

What to wear: Flower shirt with grey cardigan, and fake baby legs tied to waist (try DIYing them or use small mannequin legs). If you stand behind a couch this costume has maximum effect. Bonus points for donning the scarred Deadpool face makeup too.


13. Harry & Meghan Markle

What better couple costume to adapt than 2018’s favourite newlyweds? If you and your beau happen to have the same colouring as the royals, even better. You could even give this a Halloween twist by dressing as zombie versions of the pair

What to wear: For him, a dark suit or military suit. For her, a long tailored white dress, and long veil.

Halloween Trends - harry and megan

14. Rick from Rick & Morty

Everybody loves the cynical mad scientist Rick Sanchez. You’ll immediately connect with other fans of the show and it’s a fun costume to entertain kids.

What to wear: Grey wig; fake oversized unibrow (or grow your own); white lab coat; brown cords and turquoise tshirt.


15. Any of the Riverdale Crew

The Riverdale crew is another fairly easy, low-maintenance costume to pull off this Halloween. If you’ve got a few friends, perhaps you can convince them to assume various characters of the show, such as Jughead, Betty and Veronica.

What to wear: Blue varsity jackets combined with matching cap and tee. If you’re a cheerleader, a simple blue, white and yellow cheerleading costume will do.

Alternatively you could even go as a Southside Serpent with a faux leather jacket and black jeans.


16. Pennywise the Clown

Terrify your clown-phobic friends this year with a Pennywise costume. We all know he’s the scariest clown out there. Don’t forget to practice your Pennywise dance.

What to wear: Yellow dungarees; ruffle collar shirt; red wig with either a mask or convincing clown makeup; red balloon in hand/


17. Rey/Kylo Ren from Star Wars

Ahead of the release of Episode IX in 2019, you can’t beat a good old Star Wars costume. Go as the tough and fearless Rey or the dark and brooding Kylo Ren to give this  This would also be pretty cute as a couple costume. Don’t forget your light sabers!

What to wear…

Rey: Khaki crop pants; long white tee; long khaki/beige arm warmers; beige waistcoat; hair in braid; waist and chest weapon holster.

Kylo Ren: Long dark cloak/smock; black leather-look belt, boots and gloves; dark ragged hair (or wig).

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