Last Minute Stocking Fillers for Those People You Forgot

We’ve all been there. You’ve completed all your Christmas shopping, ticked everybody off your list...only to realise last minute that you forgot that one person.
Written by: Adele Halsall

Whether it’s your neighbour, your colleague, your boss, or your son or daughter’s new partner that unexpectedly comes to dinner...missing somebody out can be hella awkward.

But relax, we’ve got you covered. These handy little stocking fillers will go down a treat with any last-minute giftees, and the best part? If you don’t need ‘em, you can keep them for yourself!

The Keepcup

                       Stocking Fillers 1

The Keepcup is an invaluable gift any coffee or latte lover will thank you for.

Not only is this reusable cup perfect for cutting down on single-use plastic and paper waste, it’s also made from sustainable materials and looks pretty damn stylish. Trust us, the receiver will get serious earth points for this.

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Chocolate sprouts

                          Stocking Fillers 2

We all know that person (or people) who hates sprouts. But these chocolate sprouts are different and are guaranteed to put a smile on anybody’s face.

Not only do chocolatey treats always go down well, these ones in particular reference an all-too-familiar joke at Christmastime.

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Wallet Ninja

                            Stocking Fillers 3

No matter your giftee’s current level of interest in tools, they’ll definitely appreciate the Wallet Ninja.

As 16 handy tools in one nifty credit card-sized gadget, the Wallet Ninja is designed for almost any everyday task, whether its opening boxes, opening cans, screwing or unscrewing, measuring stuff, you name it.

Whomever you happen to give this to, we bet they’ll be glad you did.

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Lazy Bracket Desktop Smartphone Holder

                            Stocking Fillers 4

This super useful smartphone holder is a godsend in the home and in the office, allowing you to make hands-free calls, listen to music, watch videos and other activities whilst multi-tasking.

Your giftee may not know how much he or she needed one...but they’ll soon find out how lazy they can actually be.

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Warmies Hot Boots

                           Stocking Fillers 5

These Warmies Hot Boots are something most of us dream of - slippers that are warm ALL. THE DAMN. TIME.

Just pop them in the microwave for the recommended time, then sink your feet into complete and utter cosiness. With the soft fluffy fleece and soothing lavender aroma, it’s basically like a winter spa treat for your feet.

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Adidas Gymsack

                             Stocking Fillers 6

Adidas stuff has the potential to get expensive, but you don’t need to break the budget with this handy Adidas gymsack.

Whether your giftee is a hardcore gym bunny, a dedicated yogi or just simply needs a way to carry their stuff around, this gymsack won’t go unappreciated.

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Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie Jar

                                 Stocking Fillers 7

What better gift is there than the gift of Christmas smells? This cute little Yankee Candle jar in Christmas Cookie is the perfect gift to show you care and will fill any house or apartment with the luscious scent of freshly baked cookies.

Though this candle is small, it’s smell will go a long way and the best part is it’s only £8.99.

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REN Moroccan Rose Bath Oil

                         Stocking Fillers 8

REN has had us captivated since its inception with its revolutionised approach to skincare. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a ton to give this luxury skincare brand with this 10ml Moroccan Rose Bath Oil.

Not only is this product super agreeable with your wallet, you’ll also be encouraging the lucky recipient to take a chill pill this Christmas.

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Square Mustard Bluetooth Speaker

                   Stocking Fillers 10

You know how teenagers love to have music playing from their phones permanently...and even amongst adults it’s fun to have a mini jukebox on hand whenever the mood strikes.

This mustard yellow bluetooth speaker is fun to have around and gives off serious retro vibes. Just connect it to your device and let the beats flow.

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NowTV Smart Stick

                  Stocking Fillers 11

The NowTV Smart Stick is a small yet mighty stocking filler that packs a lot of bang for your buck.

Pocket-sized, it can be plugged into any compatible TV to offer hundreds of box sets, shows and movies, wherever you are.

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Chase & Wonder ‘Manners Maketh Man’ Handkerchief Set

                     Stocking Fillers 12

This handkerchief set from Chase & Wonder is a fun and sophisticated gift that serves a practical purpose as well.

Not only will your giftee love the pipe-smoking gorilla that’s been hand-screen printed onto organic cotton, they’ll also enjoy feeling proper gentlemanly.

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S’well Reusable Water Bottle

                              Stocking Fillers 13

A S’well reusable water bottle is another ace gift not just for eco-warriors, but for anybody who’s serious about hydration.

Not only do they keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours (and hot drinks hot for 12), they also feature a leak-free top and are made from BPA-free stainless steel.

They’re also super stylish too, and even offer Harry Potter and DC Comics ranges.

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Patch Mini Potted Plants

                      Stocking Fillers 14

These mini potted plants from Patch are totally adorable and perfect for green lovers.

Starting from as low as £3, these low-maintenance little guys look great on any shelf and come ready-planted in sleek ceramic pots.

Buy them individually to suit your giftee’s needs, or mix and match a few to make the coolest set of house plants anybody will love.

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Fingertip-less Gloves

                       Stocking Fillers 15

Everyone knows the struggle  of wearing gloves in the winter and not being able to work your phone properly. Fingerless gloves are better, but fingers still get cold.

Now fingertip-less gloves? Well, that might just be genius.

Pop on these bad boys and enjoy all the warmth of knitwear, without sacrificing the function of your fingers.

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