Nitty Little Bangers 10: January Jobs

Your weekend warm up in 3 hot hits.
Written by: Sam Chedzoy

It’s mid-January and everyone’s just trying to keep their head above water with very little in the bank and a lot of time on their hands now that we are all tee-total, vegan, anti-plastic, yoga loving, cross fit experts (for at least another weekend anyway).

                                  calm zen let it go let it god

Its approaching that time of the month where we are turning thoughts to our homes and using these as excuses to not go out. Phrases such as “Can’t wait to sort the loft out this weekend” and “have you got a wallpaper stripper I can borrow hun?” have genuinely been uttered to me this week and several people in my office and home life, myself included, have begun to start contemplating what we can do in our own humble abodes. Hmm, perhaps I could Install a hot tub? Although currently I can barely afford to install candy crush on my iphone.

Paint brush painting

Whether you are busy mixing paints in a boiler suit, laying down dust sheets and getting through miles of masking tape a minute or sawing the old Christmas tree in half in the garden – we’ve all got January Jobs that need doing. And what will motivate us more than a few Nitty Little Bangers to keep us going!

With this in mind we have compiled a couple of DIY dance anthems to keep those spirits up whilst the spirit levels are out (and the spirit and mixers are off the cards). Spirit.


                                art time nlb


Song 1: This is how we do it - Montell Jordan


One to get your bum jiving whilst you pick up your paint pots and setup your ladders. Cue a montage of us painting dicks on the wall and the colouring over them. #sorrynotsorry


Song 2: Poision – Bell Biv DeVoe


With the nittiest of all the base lines and beats to hammer along to – you will be dancing around your living room in no time. No work will be done but you will probably be filmed by your flatmate worming around the place before you finish your decorating.


Song 3: Hot in here  - Nelly


With all those rugged arm movements and tiring tool techniques, you are bound to have wound up a sweat. Don’t worry we have your sweaty back covered at this point. Get ready for some slut drops and booty pops as you work. It’s Nelly Y’all.


Have a great weekend!


                                have fun boo

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