Nitty Little Bangers 23: The Other GDPR

Your weekend warm-up in 3 hot hits.
Written by: Sam Chedzoy

If you work in marketing, sales, or any kind of industry that operates online or through digital, chances are you have (or will) at some point encountered the dreaded 4 letter acronym being uttered across Europe and the globe. GDPR.

                                                   Rylan crying

If you don’t know what GDPR means then firstly 1) do you have any jobs going being you? And 2) you are lucky. Don’t poke the bear, don’t even enquire or google it, just skip to paragraph 4 of this blog and pretend you are in on the joke.

                                 mark zuckerberg facebook water drink panic

Now I am not going to sit here and curse it’s name or bang on about how much this little tweak has upset my work life. No, no - I’ll save those selective words and direct them at our marketing manager (it’s not her fault but I need someone to model the voodoo doll on). No,what I was thinking is that rather than constantly associate this phrase with an eye-roll and a big sigh, let’s reinvent this phrase to give everyone a high. I present to you the new GDPR:


disco mirror ball

That’s right, Let’s turn those frowns upside down and throw a big disco party to celebrate the something so that everytime we hear it, we have fond memories. But what’s to celebrate you ask? Uh, Duh! The official start of the summer. Perfect timing with a week of hot weather ahead of us and a ton of backyard bbq invites about to be whatsapped. Bring on the beers and burgers with a couple of these Nitty Little bangers and let the Disco times roll.

                                  disco dancing

Full Disclosure: I had a bad GDPR meeting earlier today and I fear my anger may be seeping into other areas of my work. Hopefully nobody notices.  


Cue the music...


Song 1: The way you love me - Ron Hall ft marc evans

listen on spotify black backgroundlisten on apple music black back colour logo

A real “moment maker” in the summer party. This is that song that will get a large portion of the party over to the dancefloor area. Some girl in a flowy dress will have her hands in the air and there will be Kopperberg all over your tee shirt but it won’t matter.


Song 2: Feeling For you - Cassius 1999 Deluxe edition

listen on spotify black backgroundlisten on apple music black back colour logo

Old or young this song has more versions than the iphone and you are bound to have heard it at some point. A little slow in its build but as soon as that vocal comes in, you know half the party are mouthing it and bobbing their shoulders up and down. Cue the dad moves.


Song 3: Bent - Magic Love (Ashley Beedle's Black Magic Vocal Mix)

listen on spotify black backgroundlisten on apple music black back colour logo

A summer night anthem if ever there was one. Soulful music, a big voice and a boogie beat. When the sun has gone down and you are one of the last few in the garden - this one will bring the night to a perfect close.


Have a good weekend y’all!

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