Nitty Little Bangers 40: Hot to Cold

Your Weekend Warm-up in 3 Hot Hits!
Written by: Sam Chedzoy

It’s that time of year again when you aren’t quite sure how to dress, and what to bring with you on your travels. After 3 months of glorious unbroken brazen Summer weather we are finally heading towards the colder months. We all know what that means, it becomes acceptable to start over-eating and putting on the heating.

                                  LNL40 beyonce coat hood cold

But currently we sit betwixt the seasons. That awkward time when you need to pack an overnight bag just to go to work. Umbrellas, jumpers, coats, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen - bring the lot. And it doesn't stop there.  Leaving the house consists of a change of outfit when you open the door. Despite dressing for a winter hike in the brecon beacons, the sun shines just as you step outside and so you head back in to strip down to shorts and teeshirt. Of course, you are completely regretting this later on when you stay out for a Wednesday wine after work and you get caught in a mini beast from the east.

                              LNL40 cold weather chattering

Personally despite my year round sun seeker status, I am actually looking forward to wrapping up and putting the heating on. Maybe its my old age but a bitter cold sunday spent in a warm house with a toasty blanket and a bowl of soup sounds quite nice about now. God I’m such a cliche. Just get me a white woolen beaney and a PSL and im basically every 18 year olds instagram hasthtag for the next 2 months #autumn.

LNL40 mulled wine

But whether are currently sleeping with your feet in or out from beneath the duvet - its still not quite time to hibernate just yet. With many birthdays, late weddings and even halloween just around the corner, there's always a reason to celebrate and we are here to help you on your way! Turn the tunes up and lets get hot in here, it’s the weekly nitty little bangers.



Song 1: 

Bronski Beat - Small Town Boy (KDA Remix)

A new take on a 2016 track with samples from supermode’s all time classic “Tell Me Why” and a clever little Piano riffing make for this fabulous little party starter the next most listened to thing on your phone.


Song 2:

Always - Riva Star ft Jocelyn Brown

An awesome beat and fantastic vocals from the legendary Jocelyn Brown. This track is great as a background song in a wine bar and equally an absolute banger in a lights down and dirty East London club. Start your arm waving now..


Song 3: 

Mac Miller - Small Worlds

Following the tragic passing of the late great Mac Miller, we have been listening to lots of the master lyricist’s tracks in the past ten days and we couldn’t sign off an NLB without a classic of his.


Have a great weekend y’all, and remember… #Nevergotobedwithoutastory

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