NLB 30: Poolside Playlist

Your summer holiday warm-up in 3 hot hits!
Written by: Sam Chedzoy

Ok, so normally my blogs have a theme or correspond to something happening nationally like the royal wedding etc but this week I can’t really think about anything else other than the fact that i am off on holiday tomorrow with all my besties for week of soaking up sun and rum by the pool in a Fancy Villa.

                                    NLB30 khaled

Yes it’s time to for me to wave goodbye to the daily grind of internal meetings and sweaty tube commutes and welcome my new life in the sun as one of the Real Househusbands of Crete. I will be swapping my normal week in the office for a hard pressed 10 days where the only tasks I will have is instructing my boyfriend to apply more sun-cream and occasionally having  to top up the old “Vodka-Fanta lemon”. Nightmare.

NLB30 poolside 2

For those of you with a similar upcoming holiday, you too will know the stress of the run-up. Making sure all your stuff is handed over at work, The villa whatsapp group going off like a popcorn machine, trying to time your pre hol-haircut perfectly so your hair is on fleek as you arrive and all this whilst your house looks like a sweatshop with so many of your fave outfits being washed and dried.

                                                     nlb30 insta

But not to despair! I have at least sorted the Top holiday tracks for you to add to the poolside playlist. It’s only 3 but seeing as they are Nitty Little Bangers, you might as well go ahead and just put these bad boys on repeat while you work on your tan. Here are the 3 hottest hits of the summer so far:


Cue the music...


Song 1: It makes you forget - Peggy Gou

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The Korean music producer has been lighting up the decks all over the world of late, from Coachella to Berlin, and this track is being blasted in every bouji cocktail bar i walk into. With a chic and sophisticated audrey hepburn film kind of vibe, this is one for day time pool drinking.


Song 2: Feel My Needs - Weiss

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Once a few of those margaritas have kicked in and you are feeling yourself in your cute new swimsuit - this is the song for you. With a piano riff and a strong beat, you will be whipping your wet hair back and forth.  

Song 3: Ze Dance - Alex Virgo

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This is peak villa party vibes. You can hear the bongo drums in the backround being pounded faster than you are slamming drinks. And when this cheeky little number kicks in there are bound to be a few little bikini boogies worth snapchatting to your sober mates back home who are at work.


Have a good weekend y’all. And remember #nevergotobedwithoutastory.

                                                 NLB30 snglasses

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