People Who Went hard at Halloween

Whether it’s a smart political reference, a brave joke or just a bloody brilliant piece of construction, some people just know how to do Halloween right.
Written by: Adele Halsall

Halloween is a time where everyone can shed the skin of who they are and become anything they want to be.

No matter your age, job, location, or sense of humour, it’s a holiday that embraces diversity and there’s definitely a costume out there for everyone.

Each year, I never fail to see some pretty impressive costumes that end up going viral due to their clever innovation.

Here are 19 examples of people that went hard at Halloween.

1. Van Gogh

One can only imagine how long it took this guy to turn himself into the famous ‘Starry Night’ painting by Van Gogh. Those paint strokes, man.

                          People Who Went Hard At Halloween   Van Gogh

2. Anglerfish

I don’t know how this pair managed to put together this crazy Anglerfish costume. But I do know it’s hella scary.

The overhanging blue bulbs are a nice touch, too.

                               Creative Halloween Costumes 118 59ef48472db7c  700

3. Being deported by Trump

This costume could be seen as insensitive, but is actually a powerful political statement, as well as a clever build.

The model Trump is actually kinda amusing, too.

                                    People Who Went Hard At Halloween   Deported By Trump

4. Man who 3D-printed his own face

It takes some commitment to go as far as 3D-printing your own face in order to make a belting Halloween costume.

I’m also guessing it scared a fair few people at the party, too.

                              People Who Went Hard At Halloween   3d Face Print

5. Dead head in fridge

Few people would think of building  a whole fridge around themselves to create the illusion of a preserved human head.

This costume is seriously impressive and I just love the attention to detail - check the notes on the fridge and the classic box of Eggos.

                                     People Who Went Hard At Halloween   Frozen Head In The Freezer

6. Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons makeup

I just love this incredible makeup look created for Daenarys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. From the bloodied lip to the dragon-eye. It’s a unique and professional-looking take on this iconic character.

                           People Who Went Hard At Halloween   Game Of Thrones

7. Acid Trip

Of all the things humans can find terrifying, an acid trip has the potential to be up there.

This gal tapped into that basic fear, with a pretty awesome acid trip makeup look that probably had everyone freaking out.

                                  People Who Went Hard At Halloween   Acid Trip

8. Walt Disney fresh from the freezer

This one gets points for its originality and obscureness, not to mention it’s amazing attention to detail.

From the black and white Steamboat Mickey, to the snow-dusted moustache and surprisingly accurate signature on the name tag...this is Walt Disney if ever I saw him. (Well, if he’d been cryogenically frozen.)

                             People Who Went Hard At Halloween   Disney

9. A functioning Pacman arcade game

It takes some thinking to find a costume your friends will really be entertained by.

And I mean really entertained...this guy’s Pacman arcade game costume was fully interactive, which his pals no doubt loved.

                            People Who Went Hard At Halloween   Pac Man

10. A rollercoaster

This clever costume ended up going viral after its participants gave it a little test drive in the street.

Not only do I love the construction of this costume, the theatre and spectacle of it only add to the effect.


11. Maxi pad costume

If you’re easily offended you might want to look away.

This costume is one that might seem shocking to a lot of people. Otherwise, I think this is just a pretty accurate depiction of what most women dread every month.

And you gotta give it to the wearer - that’s a inventive way to use an old mattress protector.

                              People Who Went Hard At Halloween   Tampon

12. Bender

Everybody on the internet was surprised and impressed when a chap called Chris Miller managed to create an almost-real life Bender of Futurama.

Chris and a friend apparently built the costume together, giving it eyes that could be controlled by a hand-held servo. Unsurprisingly, it later went on to be a finalist in a costume contest.

                            People Who Went Hard At Halloween   Bender

13. Hovering Boba Fett

One man took the sci-fi costume a step further when he converted your ordinary Boba Fett costume using a homemade jetpack.

The column of flames hid his legs and he used platform shoes made from rollerblades to make himself taller. The result: a freakin’ cool costume.

                              People Who Went Hard At Halloween   Hovering

14. Where The Wild Things Are

These character masks from Where The Wild Things Are are seriously accurate. Made from paper mache, these kids definitely got every detail right, and they were completed with glow-in-the-dark eyes!

                               People Who Went Hard At Halloween   Where The Wild Things Are

15. Genie on a magic carpet

This floating genie costume would be sure to have heads turning. Though the concept looks advanced, it’s actually super simple (

(Clue…it just requires a zimmer on wheels to keep the carpet stable.)

                              People Who Went Hard At Halloween   Genie Flying Carpet

16. Pregnant zombie

This pregnant zombie costume was enough to give everyone a scare at the 2009 Texas Frightmare Zombie Walk.

The wearer, Amanda Frite, wasn’t actually pregnant in real life (it was all fake see here for the wearers snaps ). But if you did happen to be pregnant, this’d be a good one to pull off.

                           People Who Went Hard At Halloween   Pregnant Zombie

17. Toy army men

You gotta give the credit to this bunch of office dwellers.

Not only were they organised enough to successfully co-ordinate this convincing costume (and play it out at work); they even went as far as covering their faces to create the plastic painted effect.

                            People Who Went Hard At Halloween   Green Toy Soldiers

18. Halo Red vs. Blue

Shawn Thorsson is renowned for his incredible Halloween costumes. Perhaps the most popular one being his Halo-themed set of Red vs. Blue characters, in which he dressed his friends in authentic-looking armour from the videogame.

                           People Who Went Hard At Halloween   Halo

19. Darth Vader TIE fighter

This Star Wars-themed costume built around a wheelchair gives me all the chills.

From the carefully constructed TIE fighter wings to Darth Vader headgear and even a red lightsaber...this costume kicks most other Star Wars costumes’ butts.

                             People Who Went Hard At Halloween   Darth Vader

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