What to do when Your Favourite Bar is Fully Booked.

You know the drill..
Written by: Adele Halsall

The weeks go on and everyone is so busy in the build-up to Christmas. Finally, you and your mates decide maybe you can squeeze something in, so you quickly look up your favourite bar and try to book a table…

...only to find that it’s fully booked up. No!

Sadly, this conundrum is all too common come December. I see it happen quite a lot and it’s pretty disappointing… especially as this situation can be avoided so easily!


Here are five top tips for making sure you don’t find yourself in this unfortunate scenario, and ensure you get the night out you and your mates deserve.

(Pssst...we suggest you do all of this as soon as possible - yes, ideally now!)


  1. Find out who’s in and stick to it.

                                 your favourite bar is always booked - guest list

We all know those annoying people who say “Maybe” to everything. I know, lame, right??! Those people can be such a drag and put the kibosh on the swift planning of any events.

That’s why it’s a good time to start inviting people to the soiree now, so you can have a nice idea of numbers in advance. People are much less likely to drop out when they’ve agreed (and booked) to go somewhere ahead of time. And if they do happen to drop off, there’ll at least be more time to find a replacement.

Send your friends a message; create a Whatsapp group, a Facebook group - whatever you can to keep track of who’s in. This way you can also communicate preferred dates and what everybody wants to get out of the evening (see below).


2. Set aside a few dates to give yourselves options

                              your favourite bar is always booked - diary dates

The joy of planning something in advance is that people’s Christmas schedules at this point are bound to be wide open. This gives you more possibilities for your upcoming festive get-together - whether it be family, friends or colleagues.

Most people like to leave the whole of December open for potential Christmas socialising. If your precious weekends are too full, why not delight in an indulgent Christmas dinner on a weeknight? Ask your party for a number of possible dates so that you can reach out to bars with some options.


3. Enquire at a few bars at once

                          your favourite bar is always booked - two phones

It’s best not to place all of your hopes on one particular bar. That means you’ll be less disappointed when it happens to be all booked up.

Late Night London’s handy Enquiry form allows you to enquire to multiple bars simultaneously via its website. Just create an account here and then browse their list of recommended Christmas bars in London. When you’ve found some venues you like the look of, save them to your list and get enquiring.


4. Don’t waste time waiting outside

                              your favourite bar is always booked - let me in

We all know the feeling of looking forward to trying that new bar or club...only to find ourselves queueing outside.

December is a cold month and waiting outside isn’t fun. Therefore I highly recommend you get yourself on the guestlist of any club you fancy hanging out in. Not only will you manage to skip the queue and get early access, many clubs in London also offer fun benefits like table service, free cloakroom use and pretty awesome drinks packages.


5. Build your own bar crawl!

                              your favourite bar is always booked - i can do this

Can’t decide where to go? Then why not do a bar crawl of your favourite pubs and clubs all in one night? Though this option has the potential to get a little messy, it works beautifully if you and your mates can’t decide where to spend your festive soiree.

Our create-your-own-bar-crawl page has great ideas for bar crawls in Soho, Covent Garden and the City, perfect for that much-needed inspiration.

Of course, don’t let us slow you down...if you’ve got other ideas, then by all means, go for it! Remember to think ahead however, and check availability for the bars you want to visit.

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