Fun Birthdays In London

Find something fun and unique to do in London for any birthday celebration

If you're looking for fun and unique venue in London, you're in the right place. From bowling and booze at All Star Lanes to Beyonce dance classes at Drink Shop Do, there's plenty going on in London that will turn any birthday into something to talk about. 

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Fun bars for a birthday in London


Alcotraz is an immersive experienced based on the Infamous USA prison. You'll need to don a orange jump suit, which they provide, and sit in a cell. You'll to smuggle in your own liquor into the bar/prison, which will be transformed into a delicious cocktail secretly away from the prying eyes of the wardens. LNL Jess visited Alcotraz recently, see if she made it out!

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Alcotraz Cocktail Bar Mug Shot

Boutique Bowling at All Stars Lanes

Let that inner competitive beast loose at your next birthday celebrations at All Star Lanes. This american themed bowling concept are based in 4 locations, Bayswater, Holborn, Brick Lane & Stratford, all of which have either private or semi private spaces for larger parties. The usa inspiration also follows through to their food and drink menu.

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Do stuff at Drink Shop Do

This will not be your usual night out, they hold a multitude of events, like bingo, sculpting & boozy brunches with board games. If you hadn't thought of something they are probably doing it. 

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Dsd Legorobots Dan Weill Photography Feb17 14

Inamo Games Room

Are you a gamer, or know a gamer celebrating a birthday soon? Book Inamo's Games Room (Inamo are the people that brought us those lovely interactive dining room tables, so they know a thing about how to make technology fun). There are double wall projections spanning 150 inces so you can be fully immersed in your gaming experience. They've also got loads of games to choose from so you'll find your favourite amongst the pack.

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1920 Bar

You'll find pool tables ready for you to take on your mates over a few drinks. The sharing platters are pretty great as well - perfect for when your game is starting to get affected by that 5th drink. They've also got 2 foosball tables and a Nintendo arcade machine if playing pool is not the game for you. 

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The Bletchley

£35 will buy you a welcome drinks and 2 cocktails in this immersive cocktail experience themed around the war. Crack codes to unlock cocktails, plus, no cocktail will be made in the same way, so you'll end up with a cocktail built for you. If you're feeling flush, pre-order their £100 cocktail (yes, really!). The beautiful thing is sprinkled with edible gold and diamonds. It's instagram ready, and tastes amazing (we assume!). 

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Step inside this unassuming RV in Hackney and you'll feel like you've stepped right into the set of Breaking Bad - a perfect birthday idea for people who loved the show. You'll don a hazmat suit on arrival and build your welcome drink. You'll then choose two more themed cocktails to make (don't worry, there are instructions!). 

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It's indoor golf, but better. You'll be playing your mates at mini golf, but your ball will be tracked using in-ball (oo-er) technology that means you can't cheat, but neither can your mates. They've also got special holes that give you the opportunity to win prizes while you play, so look out for those. Team that with all the great all American food and a few drinks and you have the makings of a top birthday party. 

LNL Amy and LNL Sam visited PuttShack when it opened, find out what they thought before you book.

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Puttshack golf courses and holes interior

Darts and Drinks

Talking of activities, how does darts tickle your fancy? With locations in Bloomsbury (near Tottenham Court Road) and Shoreditch, Flight Club are spreading the dart-y love right through central London. Don’t worry it’s nothing like darts in your local, the venues are beautifully designed and the cocktail range is well…. Just try it for yourself and you’ll get it!

Need more inspo? Check out a couple of the below venues to see if any are right up your street.


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