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Making corporate team time fun again

We’ve all been to one, or we know someone who has been on one – a team building day with work. They can be painful and awkward and we all cringe when we have to go around the circle and tell the group an interesting fact about yourself. Cringe.

But cringe no more! We’ve put together a handy list of venues that would make any team building day something everyone would actually want to go to.

Take a look at these venues and experiences that are bound to bring colleagues closer together.



Alcotraz Shoreditch Cocktail Bar 2

Break the chains at Alcotraz

Being at work might feel like a prison sometimes but spending time in a prison style bar can really take the edge off that. Book the experience for a team or hire the entire venue exclusively for a fully immersive experience. You’ll need to smuggle in your booze in past the warden and get an inmate to make your drinks. After you’ve done all that you’ll be able to enjoy your drinks in the comfort of your very own cell. Everyone in the office will be talking about it for weeks.

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Bowling and booze at All Star Lanes Holborn

Yes, bowling might sound a little PG, but when you book the private room (called The Club House) at All Star Lanes Holborn and hold a short conference, award ceremony or meeting, your team will love the idea of getting up and enjoying a few rounds of bowling. People either get super competitive or they hang back and enjoy a few drinks. Either way, everyone will have a great time.

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All Star Lane Holborn 3

Pool tournaments at 1920 Bar

This is a favourite of city workers for leaving dos and general nights out, but hiring out a few pool tables, and getting some kind of pool competition going is bound to get the team engaged. You can hire the tables for the night, or just for a few games depending on what kind of night you’re after. We’d also recommend ordering some of the fab sharing boards for the group, along with some drinks to improve everyone’s pool skills, of course.

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Cocktail cooking at ABQ

For something really immersive and fun, hire the entire RV at ABQ, a Breaking Bad style bar in Hackney. The team will don hazmat suits and make their own cocktails using all manner of scientific apparatus. This one is a must for fans of the hit show, and makes for some pretty great photos for the work fridge.

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Sing your hearts out at Lucky Voice

Now, this one is a bit of a dangerous one – you can never unhear people singing – but for something more casual that can involve more booze than activity – this one is definitely worth a shot.  Hire a booth for the team (no-one else needs to hear your rendition of Barbie Girl) and order drinks from the room so you don't miss out on Susan hitting the high notes.

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Gem Bar 1

Beer pong at Gem Bar

If there’s a small group of you, book the Play Haus at Gem Bar for a round or two of beer pong. The area is semi-private so there’s an element of exclusivity, plus you can play departments off each other (even if ultimately all you’re doing is finding out which department can hold their drink). Marketing vs Sales? Game on.

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Indoor golf at PuttShack

It’s opening in June and promises to be everything we want from an indoor boozy putting course…and more! Take your team for a round of golf, and let the new fangled ball techlology (oo-er!) calculate who is winning for you, so can concentrate on all that team building type stuff.

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Puttshack golf courses and holes interior

Shuffleboard comps at Tank and Paddle Bishopsgate

Hire the room on the 1st floor of Tank & Paddle Bishopsgate and get competitive with a round or 2 of shuffleboard, currently The City’s most trendy bar game. Order some pizzas, some beers and create a scoreboard to see who comes out on top.

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Cracking the code at The Bletchley

What do you get when you combine team building, escape rooms and cocktails? The Bletchley of course. Your team will have to crack codes for drinks, and work out brain teasers whist being transported back to the 1940s. Because of the way this immersive experience is run, no 2 cocktails will ever be the same (your ingredients are determined by how you crack the codes) and if you're looking to reward the most engaged team member, you can always order them the exclusive £100 cocktail (which comes with actual edible gold leaf and diamonds) - now that's a great incentive. 

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Drink Masterclasses

A little bit basic, but always loads of fun, take a look below for some of  our favourite masterclass venues.


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